Great post. So far I've sucessfully soloed 31 mobs and a lvl 70 elite at the same time with that awesome trinket (Figurine of the Collassus). I basically duplicated the video Ciderhelm posted and pulled all those demon hunters with the elite standing next to him near BT.

Couple questions on my mind...

1. What sort of weapons should we be after for AOE grinding as prot come WotLK? Slow ones or fast ones?

So far I've tested out Anatheron's Sword, The Brutalizer and Syphon of the Nazeriem, and none have really jumped out at me being better than one another. SotN did do a bit more cleave damage on the big packs, but that was about it.

2. I have a bunch of nice tanking items (for example: The Darkener's Grasp, Kael Neck), however they don't have block value on them. Am I going to be better off keeping them on leveling as prot or going with a fury warrior item in that spot? I know AP is important for prot damage, but what stats does it trump (str/crit/dodge/parry/etc) for leveling? Is there a balance we should try to maintain, or do we need to lean heavily on something other than block value?

Thanks for the help.