The World of Warcraft Armory

I have been lurking for sometime. Here is what I managed to get before the expansion. I was late getting into WoW, it was already well into BC when I started. I got into tanking even later than that. To those that do the math, analysis, tips, etc on this site I thank you. It has helped my tanking immensely. I almost gave up tanking (went fury for a bit), but got into a guild that I like and have a good group of people behind me. Now that I do not feel like such a noob (still a relative noob compared to many here) I will start trying to contribute as we move into wrath.

I am just raiding for fun now and not really worried about gear. If someone see's something I can do to improve going into wrath, sockets, enchants, etc. Any advice is apreiciated.