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Thread: Starting out in Wrath (warrior tank)

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    Starting out in Wrath (warrior tank)

    Edit 10/8/08: Cleaned it up. Added some items from Thinktank and ranked items on the list according to defense. This is now an uncrittable gear list.

    References Used:
    Thinktank: WotLK - getting uncrittable
    Level 80 ratings
    Demog's Tank Gear List

    A few other things to note is that I have not tested any of this actually leveling up, but with one of the premade 80s and I have played exclusively warrior...so I can't vouch for pallies, DKs, or our bear cousins.

    My beta warrior has around 514 defense and 100 resilience and is slightly above the uncrittable threshold. To date he only has one heroic drop (his cloak), no emblem gear, and no crafted gear.

    Obviously, as xav and many others have noted, you're going to need a lot more defense to hit uncrittable as a warrior. And that amount is only going to increase as you level up to 80. So throw on enough defense to hit uncrittable and check it every time you ding.

    The two factions you want to worry about are the wyrmrest Accord and Kirin'Tor. Wyrmrest first then Kirin'tor if desired.

    Uncrittable Gear list (items ranked according to defense):

    1.) Cloak of Peaceful Resolutions
    2.) Cloak of the Enemy

    1.) Sabatons of Draconic Vigor
    2.) Slaughterhouse Sabatons

    1.) Duanting legplates
    2.) Iron Colossus Legplates

    1.) Duanting Handguards
    2.) Fireproven guantlets
    3.) Expelling Guantlets

    1.) Breastplate of the Solemn Counsil
    2.) Silver-Plated Battlechest

    1.) Dragonflight Great-Ring
    2.) Gal'darah's Signet
    3.) Solid Platinum Band

    1.) Tempered Saronite Belt
    2.) Girdle of Obscuring

    1.) Tempered Saronite Bracers
    2.) Bracers of Reverence

    1.) Tempered Saronite Helm
    2.)Helm of the Ley-Guardian

    Burning Skull Pendant dropped in gun'drak for me

    Armor Plated Combat Shotgun

    1.) Seal of the Pantheon
    2.) Dabiri's Enigma (insert pre-wrath def trink here)

    1.) Titansteel Shield Wall
    2.) Leeka's Shield

    Cloudstrider's Waraxe from heroic oculus
    Eternally Folded Blade
    Cresent of Brooding Fury

    (whichever is easier for you)

    1.) Pauldrons of Reconnaissance
    2.)Crusader's Square Pauldrons

    If my math is correct, going with the highest def gear (aside from the wep, I used Cresent of Brooding Fury) you will obtain +178.51 defense skill. Which brings your total defense skill up to (400+178.51)=578.51

    Which brings you 38.51 points over the uncrittable threshold. Plenty of room to swap gear around and still remain uncrittable. All this gear is obtainable through quests, regular instances, or gathering mats. You don't even have to venture into a heroic or a raid for any of it.

    (I believe the only pieces here unattainable till level 80 are the legs and the pvp stuff. The rep gear will be hard to snag pre 80 unless you are into running level 80 instances pre level 80. It should be possible to have nearly this entire set by level 78.)

    The only other wrath defense trinket besides pantheon is in raid content.
    Last edited by Paramount; 10-08-2008 at 08:00 AM. Reason: Cleaned it up, ranked some items based on def, used thinktank list as reference for crafted gearz

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    Not much use in the tabards before 80, I think. The rep gains afforded by them only apply to level 80 instances. Wyrmrest Accord Tabard

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    Yeah...thought about that as I was leaving the computer tobar. Pretty much kills a lot of my gear strategy haha.

    But I suppose you could still hit up 80 instances at around 78 (Cider did encourage pushing content in his podcast). Still, the list is decent for starting raid content I think. If anyone has any questions about where to get X item feel free to ask...the only one I'm not sure about on the list is the seal of pantheon, because I've hit up lightning halls seven times or so and haven't seen it yet.

    I'll edit the post accordingly...I just hope it's still useful.

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    Good info

    thx for the post Paramount....good info...

    Unforunately i didn't recieve a beta invite this time around.

    I'm curious how far my current prot tank gear will take me in WOLK before massive upgrades are needed.

    I'm currently 4 peice T6 with most all the Mt Hy and BT tank drops.

    I've heard i should be good to around lvl 77 in my current BC gear.

    Does that sound right?

    thx again, and keep the posts coming...


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    My pretty basic plan right now is to run the instances pretty hard. Perhaps 50/50 along with questing. I also intend to use wowhead to look up quest chains by faction which may help in the rep grind.

    I "think" that would achieve the goal... Ready to tank Naxx about the time we have enough 80s to go in. I'll have my eye on very specific pieces, and of course be trying to max rep with any faction that has a tanking piece.

    Thanks for the ideas!

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    As far as I know that is accurate. There are a lot of upgrades out there for sure. I'd recommend consulting the wrath guide in the transitional forums. It's very similiar to Berg's tanking gear list and has draws up comparisons between pre-wrath and wrath gear.

    Also, I'm sitting in T4/badge level gear and I know some of it will last me till naxx. So to be honest, you don't necessarily need a full set of wrath gear to start raiding.

    Check out the other uncrittable thread in here too...it has the blacksmithing gear that I didn't include in mine which is better and easier to obtain for you blacksmithing types.

    Edit: Now has blacksmithing gear in it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kolben View Post
    I "think" that would achieve the goal... Ready to tank Naxx about the time we have enough 80s to go in. I'll have my eye on very specific pieces, and of course be trying to max rep with any faction that has a tanking piece.
    Don't worry, is pretty easy to start tanking Naxx a couple days after you hit 80. With some crafted stuff and a few heroic drops you are ready to go.
    Follow the Moeko Principle.

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