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Thread: From Patch to Wrath -- 3.0 Warriors & Paladins

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    I Block All Hits

    yeah, lame I know, have not had any coffee yet. ust wanted to pretend to make a contribution

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    Personally I don't think the terminology should be changed just because some people are to lazy to go look into it for them selves. I only vaguely follow theory and I still picked up what unhittable means right away.

    In simple terms, you do not get HIT, that does not mean you do not get hurt. As pointed out a block still does damage. For all this you have to keep in mind that a hit is a type of attack, block, parry, dodge, miss, crit, crush (its still there just not a problem anymore) are other types of attacks. Uncrushable means you remove crush for the attack table, unhittable means you remove hit from the attack table.

    What I am calling "damage immune" is a situation where the incoming hits are smaller than your black value (see "druids need a fur padding value"), whilst this is in an unhittable state, it is also damage immune state which is what people seam to think (want to think) unhittable is.

    Saying your blocking all hits is misleading, dodge, parry, and miss can all also happen, this also applies to guaranteed block and so forth. This is why shield block says increase your chance to block by 100% rather than guaranteed block.

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    Prot Warrior Tanking Q & A's

    I just brought my prot warrior out from retirement who hasnt tanked since sheesh kara i reckon. I have use tankspot quite often for encounters and for my prot pally pre gear checks and whatnot. Now going over the information available on the site here I was wondering if the glyph of devastate stacks with glyph of sunder...

    ie. If i spam devastate on a mob, which applies 2 sunders, do those 2 sunders affect nearby mobs with glyph of sunder?

    Also my warrior is level 73 atm and i realise that I dont have all the talents available to me, rank wise or trained but what is a fairly descent rotation that i should be using at this lvl and if possible does anyone have a talent tree spec at or around this lvl that i may use to get my spec correct.

    I appreciate all the work here at tankspot. Keep up the great work...

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    Sunder Glyph + Devastate Glyph = 2 sunders per devastate on your targeted mob + 1 sunder on a nearby mob

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