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Thread: Warrior Talent Spec for 5 mans and Heroics.

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    Warrior Talent Spec for 5 mans and Heroics.

    Hi all,

    Have been reading the current threads and see a lot of talk on talents specs for 25 mans etc.

    I am nearly 80 and due to time constraints will be restricted to running 5 mans and heroics for some time.

    My aim is to respec into a solid tanking build specifically for pugging 5 mans and heroics.

    I am currently in DeepWounds and not feeling like it is ideal for the future.

    Your input will be appreciated.



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    For 5-mans/heroics you will probably want several of the talents that are often shunned by raid tanks, since the focus is different. You're primarly interested in versatility: Your job in a 5-man (especially if you do pick-ups!) is a lot more on controlling chaos compared to the boss encounters in a raid, which are more reminiscent of a formal dance. I.e., you'll generally be more interested in talents that allow you to recover from errors (your own or your other party members) or talents that allow you to handle unusual encounters more easily.

    You'll also probably benefit a lot from self-evaluation to adapt talent choices to your playstyle. I'd suggest to start out with a template that's filled with all the must-have talents, and then to assign a priority to each of the remaining talents. Pick the ones which you think will serve you best, then reevaluate after a while if they lived up to their promise.

    Also, don't hesitate to pick up a situational talent if it's a good situational talent. You're not so much interested in improving just what you do best, but to also improve your performance for those corner cases that are normally painful. I call these "fire extinguisher" talents: They don't give you a lot of mileage in everyday situations, but you are usually glad that you have them when you actually need them.

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