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Thread: When to start gemming for avoidance? (deathknight)

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    When to start gemming for avoidance? (deathknight)

    Heres my armory The World of Warcraft Armory

    Its a tiny bit out of date, i just got the Ablative Chitin Girdle - Item - World of Warcraft last night and stuck a 41 stam gem in the blue slot and a Thick Autumn's Glow - Item - World of Warcraft in the prismatic.

    My main question here is that ive got alot of stam and i think i need to start gemming for more avoidance stats. Def rating, dodge, etc. Is there a hard and fast rule or no?

    Also, why would tanks not gem for agi instead of dodge rating? A delicate dragons eye gives me almost ,9% dodge and some crit. A subtle dragon's eye only gives around ,8%

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    From looking at your armory i would say that expertice/stam gems would benefit you more at this stage. You got more or less enough health i aggre on that, but try to get about 25 expertice before you start gemming for avoidance.

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