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Thread: Holy to Prot switch , can I handle MH trash?

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    Holy to Prot switch , can I handle MH trash?

    Ok so this is my alt ....who was mainly rolled to heal ....but sudden abundance of holy pally's in the guild I have decided to start working on his prot gear .

    So whenever we short a pally tank for MH trash , our N1 pally healer has to spec prot ...so my main reason is as I dont need anything in there on my warr I can swap a tank for a tank to help out and it would be better than to have to start searching for another healer .

    So Firstly I would like to know if this one can handle MH trash and secondly how can I improve in gemming and what would be my best next badge upgrade ? (As I am prot pally noob :P )

    Here is my armory link :
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Thnx for the advice in advance

    Lio / Prim

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    I think you can do it. You might have some problems with abominations, but if the other tanks in the group are quick about picking those up you shouldn't have much of a problem doing trash. You're gonna practically get spam healed all the time anyway. Since you haven't done the pulls as prot, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

    If there are Shadowy Necromancers in the waves, right before they reach the raid, allow your warrior tank to go in front of you to get initial agro so he can spell reflect their attacks. Once that happens, put a consecrate on top of the warrior and you should get agro from everything else. Pull the group back and start generating threat.

    If you do happen to tank Abominations, keep in mind they do a knockback, in which you cannot avoid any attacks for the duration that you are stunned. Especially in the case of your gear, your warrior tanks should regularly be Intervening you if things look a little shaky. Every precaution needs to be taken to keep you alive, because if the pally tank dies, it's pretty much over in most cases.

    As far as Paladin gear goes, I'm not an expert on it since I play a Warrior tank, but I'm sure some qualified persons on here can put you in the right direction

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    You have two major issues

    1. Unbuffed spell damage 300
    2. Pure avoidance is a little low (48.13 dodge/parry/miss)

    You will have to be aware and attempt to take steps to get around them.

    At 300 spell damage you will need to use flask of blinding light and spell damage food etc because the locks and mages aoeing stuff is going to drag it off you if you dont. The recommended base is 400 spell damage unbuffed.

    Your pure avoidance being low you need to make sure the other tanks peel the abom's off you I dont know if I would like to see you with more than 1.

    Final comment it's cheaper to chant for spell damage and get a spell damage shield than it is to gem for it. Everywhere you have the spell damage/stam gems really needs to be the regal nightseye dodge/stam gem and for hyjal. The hands are a free chant slot you can just put a +20 spell damage on it you have a +def atm and you are way way past uncrush like 106%. I carry diff hands one with +threat chant for boss tanking and for hyjal and aoe tanking spell damage on gloves.
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    I agree with uglybbtoo, but I would also say that your health is a bit low too.

    Personally I'd work on getting the badge gear - legs would be particularly good I think.
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