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Quote Originally Posted by Joanadark View Post
Theres another thing. With the removal of crushing blows, our block charges dont really matter so much at all anymore, so we lost that advantage too!

So you wouldn't care if blizz reduced it down to 1 charge?

Quote Originally Posted by Joanadark View Post
With the power of stam stacking, deathknights and paladins have trouble coming up with reasons why they are good at all, and deathknights have more panic buttons and the whole "I r gud against majik" thing going for them.

The more time you QQ here the less time you have to reroll war.

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A note about panic buttons:
Panic buttons are significantly more important and powerful in wrath than they are on live, because of how utterly and completely the healing game has changed. Healers do not spam any more. It doesnt work like that They nuke and burst and Sac and Shock. They Shield you and regen. They have far more tools available, and whole rotations for their use. Its a completely different game for healers, and I love the way it's changed.
But panic buttons, bucket loads of them, such as warriors possess (im including Shield Block in this because it actually is extremely powerful), are very powerful in interaction with the way the healing is flowing nowadays.

Healing/tanking Kara and healing/tanking Splat was exactly the same.


Pallies get shield slam.. The coolest ability in the game ever. The reason that prot wars were so fun to play. And not only that but its a spell dmg attack so it ignores armour. Do you know how hard it is to find tank gear with armour pen???? And blizz gives it to you for free, GG, Wars are dead, Wrath of the Protadin is being released soon and wars will be a dead raiding class.

C wut I did thur?