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Thread: Formulas and Relationships

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    Formulas and Relationships

    - Increases Armor Class by 2 for every point of agility
    - Increases the chance of a critical hit with melee and ranged attacks. The amount is dependent on class and level
    - Increases the chance to dodge an attack. The amount is dependent on class and level, and is subject to diminishing returns - see here

    - Increases the chance of being missed by an attack:
    Each point of defense will increase the chance of being missed by an attack from a same level opponent by .04%, subject to diminishing returns
    - Increases the chance to dodge, parry, and block:
    Each point of defense will increase the chance you will dodge, parry, or block an attack by .04% for each category, dodge and parry are subject to diminishing returns, but block is not
    - Decreases the chance of being affected by a critical hit:
    Each point of defense will decrease the chance of being affected by a critical hit by .04%
    - Decreases the chance of being affected by a crushing blow:
    Each point of defense will decrease the chance of being affected by a Crushing Blow by 2%. The benefit defense will have on a Crushing Blow is limited by your level. In other words, increasing your defense will only reduce the chance of being struck by a crushing blow if your current defense value is below your level maximum unbuffed value.
    Attack Power
    - Attack power increases your base melee DPS by 1 for every 14 attack power.
    - Strength increases your melee attack power by 2 for warriors and paladins

    Block Value
    - Two points of strength increases your block value by 1

    Critical Hits
    The way WoW calculates crit rate is over ALL attacks. Crit rate is not based on hits only. In other words, if you have a 5% crit
    rate, that 5% chance includes misses. All crit rate adjusting abilities, items, and talents add the flat % to the base % crit
    rate. So if I have a 5% base crit rate and then use an item or talent that increases that crit rate (let's use Improved Backstab
    talent for example - +30% crit), my new crit with backstab is 35%.

    Regarding how defense decreases the rate of critical strikes, each point of defense that a target has over the attacker, the
    attacker loses 0.04% chance to crit. So, for example, if a level 60 Rogue is attacking a level 60 Warrior who has 25 defense,
    the rogue's crit rate will be decreased by 1%.

    To Hit
    +ToHit items subtract from your chance to miss. So, ignoring all defensive actions (Block/Parry/Dodge/etc..) if I have 20% crit
    chance, 20% miss chance, and 60% hit chance and I equip an item that gives me +5% toHit and +5% crit, my stats become 25% crit,
    15% miss chance, 60% hit chance. You can reduce your chance to miss with dual wield below 18% by piling on +toHit items.
    New hit chance = (Original hit%) + (toHit modifiers) - (crit modifiers)
    60% + 5% - 5% = 60%
    New crit chance = (Original crit%) + (crit modifiers)
    20% + 5% = 25%
    New miss chance - (Original miss%) - (toHit modifiers)
    20% - 5% = 15%

    Mitigation due to armour is capped at 75%.
    Armour cap versus a level 80 mob is 45698
    Armour cap versus a level 83 mob is 49905

    Rating Conversions
    At level 80:
    -  4.91850 defense rating  = 1 defense skill
    - 16.39450 block rating = 1% block chance
    - 39.34799 dodge rating = 1% dodge chance (subject to diminishing returns)
    - 49.18499 parry rating = 1% parry chance (subject to diminishing returns)
    - 32.78999 hit rating = 1% melee hit chance
    - 26.23199 hit rating = 1% spell hit chance
    - 32.78999 expertise rating = 1% reduction in opponent's chance to dodge and parry
    - 45.90599 critical strike rating = 1% critical strike chance (melee or spell)
    - 32.78999 haste rating = 1% haste (melee or spell)
    - 81.97498 resilience rating = 1% less chance of being struck by any type of critical strike, 
               and 2% less damage taken from critical strikes

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    Helpful, thanks.

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    i an horrid with warcraft math but just want to confirm.

    I want to know the defense skill contribution from a +16 defense gem... I then have to take 16 / 4.91850. Which means i will get 3.25 defense skill points from that gem...

    Is that correct? Been getting alot of new gear and trying to remove Defense skills from my trinket slots. So i have been doing alot of odd regemming...

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    Mostly yes. Though, defense can only be whole numbers, so it might round up to 4 or down to 3, depending on how much other Def Rating you already have.

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    Resilience is no longer going to be a PvE stat like Defence in 3.2.
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