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Thread: What to focus on before WotLK

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    What to focus on before WotLK

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    I have just recently returned to my tank after a trip to the dark side (dps) via a rogue alt.

    I am now in the process of preparing for WotLK and am thinking about what would be best to focus on.

    Should I just farm Kara/ZA for badges and the few upgrades from there or would you advice me to try and push for T5 content to get both gear and experience (and am i at all ready for T5 ?)

    The problem with pushing content is that it would involve leaving a guild I just joined that seems like a really nice bunch of people but they seem "stuck" at Kara and first 2 ZA bosses.

    Feel free to look gems and enchants over too


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    a trip to the dark side (dps)

    You are ready for T5, but unless you can find a guild still raiding right now, you'll barely be off your trial period before Wrath hits. A lot of guilds are winding down and no longer raiding now, mine included. I'd farm badges to fill any gear gaps you still have so you're at your most ready to go into Wrath. FYI if you didn't already know, BoJs will be worthless at 80 so spend 'em now. Gearwise, any of the badge chests would be good because the paladin ones are being redesigned due to the large change in paladin mechanics which happens to make them desirable to warriors too

    Edit: I just checked, the Stoicism chest is still the best for warriors.
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    Finding a guild making any meaningful progression into T5 at this point is going to be a pretty tall order. Farming Kara/heroics for badges is going to be your best bet for some upgrades before WotLK. ZA also has some really nice tanking pieces, so work on progressing through there while you can.
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    I'm not sure if we really need the best BC gear to level in Warth...
    I only have 1 Badge gear and the rest are from 5-man Heroics. I figured out that all that effort to farm Kara will probably get outdone by some level 7x gear.

    I use my Warrior once a day to get my dailies done and the rest of the time I level my Warlock. I think it would be good to have two toons and easier to farm with the Warlock plus it kinds of change my mind from tanking.

    Since all those guilds have stopped raiding, who are our fellow Tank spending their time?


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