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Thread: Level 80 Naxx Class Balance

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    Level 80 Naxx Class Balance

    Does anyone in the beta have any idea as to what kind of role setup Naxx is going to need? No need for specifics, as the fights will probably change a little, but I'd like to be pointed towards information as to the number of tanks, healers and DPSers they're trying to balance for. The TBC setup is two tanks, three (or two awesome as hell) healers, and five/six DPS for a 10man. I've heard things about one tank being bandied around.

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    Currently i'd say 2 tanks (1 tank + 1 offtank works as well), 3 healers, 1 mana battery, 1-2 CC (priest-mage-retri pala) and 2-3 random dps.

    Probably you can later do it with less healers.
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    Generally 2 tanks 2 healers 6 dps seems to be good, though trash and a few bosses can be done with only 1 tank. You may rarely want a third healer because it makes some encounters a lot easier (4H).

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