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Thread: Criticisms and Advice

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    Criticisms and Advice

    Aloha all, been lurking around here recently, reading up on all things fury warrior related.

    Anyways, just wondered if any of the fury warriors around here could give any advice on my gear, gems, what to consider grabbing next. Our current content is Hyjal farming/Archimonde and just starting into BT (2/9).

    The World of Warcraft Armory (With Assassin's Stone AP is 2136, or 2137 with full stack of Darkmoon: Crusade)

    At the moment, the armoury shows the Assassin's stone equipped, but for raiding I generally have Darkmoon: Crusade in its place. (I also have Solarian's Sapphire, which I have swapped out for Dragon Spine Trophy.

    Now from reading the guides and threads, I've noticed my crit is a little low, it now reads 26.39% in Beserker (just changed out some gems from what the armoury reads), and I also don't have any expertise, is this likely to make a massive difference?

    The raid group I rock with is usually myself, feral druid, Enh shaman, rogue and then either a hunter, another Enh shaman or an MS/Slam warrior to fill the 5th slot. I've got myself all the Vanir's badge fists, so usually rock the 2.5/1.5 in the first 10% for rage building, then swap to 2.5/2.5 until execute, at which point I revert back to 2.5/1.5 for execute and BT spam (Main hand always Executioner and OH always Mongoose).

    As a guide, I'm usually sat about 5-7th on Dmg in Hyjal, after the warlocks, and generally average close to 1050-1200 dps depending on how awake I am on any given raid night (having a WWS might help but I haven't got one of those to hand).
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    Here's one thing I noticed: NEVER, EVER gem for +hit rating!! The only time you'll consider doing it is reaching the 142 hit cap for Blood Frenzy spec. With 3/3 in Precision, you only need a hit rating of 95 to be yellow hit capped. Any hit rating after that only improves the accuracy of white damage. With that said, your hit rating is already really good where it is. Replace the +10 hit rating gem with [item]Smooth Lionseye[/item] instead (you'll still get the socket bonus).

    Your spec is just a bit off. Take the points out of Improved Charge and put it into Weapon Mastery instead.

    As far as gear goes, get [item]Angelista's Revenge[/item] from badges (60). If you do arena, the Brutal chest is probably one of the best chests you can obtain at your level of progression. I would also suggest getting the Guardian's Neckpiece for DPS until you can pick up [item]Choker of Serrated Blades[/item] out of Hyjal trash. For a cape, get [item]Dory's Embrace[/item] from badges (60) until you guys down Gorefriend and you can pick up [item]Shadowmoon Destroyer's Drape[/item]. For the boots, just keep doing ZA for [item]Skullshatter Warboots[/item]. When you guys start progression on RoS be on the lookout for [item]Dreadboots of the Legion[/item] to replace those.

    If you're breaking over 2400 attack power buffed (which is very easy to obtain), you are going to put out more DPS sticking to your BT/WW rotation rather than going for spam executes. With that said, if you go through a BT/WW rotation and the execute button is still lit up, go for an execute. If you find that your crit is low, put [item]Elemental Sharpening Stone[/item] on it instead of the regular Adamantite ones.

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    Try to get a helm with a meta - slot. S3..T5..either would be an upgrade by themselves over felsteel, plus the meta allows you to use the 12 agility 3% crit damage stone. You will be amazed at how big a difference that gem makes.

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    The hit gem has been replaced by a pure +10 Crit strike rating, and I have also put in two other +10 crit strike rating gems, into the belt and boots, those were the changes made before the armoury updated. Upon advice above I have swapped my talents around to allow for Weapon Mastery.

    Working on looking at the badge items, just recently bought the leg item so that was a nice 100 badges gone right there, there's regular kara fun runs going on within the guild so getting the badges shouldn't be too much of a push for those items. I'm in Zul Aman pretty much every week and those legs have never dropped for our guild, apart from I think on one occasion where a prot warrior now has them. Think the same was with the neck item, it dropped and I let it pass to another Fury warrior who was raiding with us at the time as I had been getting a large number of drops over him (DKP system and all that jazz).

    We've moved on from SSC and The Eye so getting T5 helm isn't going to really been an option, and well I'm one of those players that absolutely despises PVP and Areana, I just get absolutely no fun out of doing any of it, so on that front I think I might be waiting to get my hands on T6 helm from Archimonde. I had a feeling you guys might suggest something related PVP, though was hoping for an alternative :P

    On the AP front, fully raid buffed and combat buff'd (ie Rampage stacked) I'm pushing close to 4k AP at points so seems like I'm best off sticking to the rotation then.
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    It might be too late in the game for this, but I'd recommend getting the engineering helm. It would last you until Illidan, if you're not interested in getting the pvp helms.

    Also, consider switching out the neck for the SSO neck.. although, I just noticed you are Scryer... hmm, either way, that neck is sub-par for DPS. Again, I know you dislike PVP but the S4 neck is pretty good!

    Well, you know... the S4 leggings... ahh I'd best just shush up.

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