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Thread: A frustrated pve arms warrior.

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    A frustrated pve arms warrior.

    I need help.


    I've been fury warrior for sometime now, and besides the aspect I loved the playstyle, my numbers where visible, and i could get nice positions on recount charts, even if i was undergeared.

    From 3 weeks now, i've been focusing on pve arms warrior, provided that, the 4% buff i give to all melee should be superior than the gap of me doing fury dps and me doing arms dps.

    I don't know if it's normal guys, but i was not able to pass 1100dps mark on any boss, even "friendly" bosses for us like teron gorefiend. Yesterday I got new weapon Soul Cleaver from BT, and I haven't enchanted it yet, but I will.

    1st of all i would like you guys to help me by giving a look at my build and gear at: The World of Warcraft Armory

    besides what i am currently wearing, i have T6 leggings, and Vashj Helm, that i swap when i do not have +1%hit buff on my party, so i'll get hit capped by myself. If im using T6 legs my crit drop a bit so i swap the badge trinket for hourglass giving me 1.5% extra crit.

    Regarding rotations, every time i try to make NO modifications at all at the recommended swing rotation my dps fall down. i dont understand why u guys tell to wait for the next swing if we fail for some reason because sometimes on trash or on situations when i see i have a lot of rage i just keep spamming slam 1 right after another until i get a small amount of rage again, like 30, and resume the normal cycle. In execute phase, i've found out that if i dont have rage problems, the execute dps is inferior than the slam spamming, dunno why. I also feel that most of the time im rage starved. can't hit as much as i would, else i get 0 rage fast.

    My best result so far was around 1400 dps on a single target (not a boss), and 2100 dps on aoe trash. But on a full BT run my whole overall dps sits on 960dps, what makes me think that is ridiculously small, making this role a waste when comparing with me doing it in fury.

    Anyway, on next raid i will try to use some dps potions, and make it with the executioneer enchant on the weapon.

    im also considering going to weaponsmith and crafting the lionheart executioneer, dunno if its worth, but i definitely need to be seeing higher dps from my part, something around 1200 dps overall and 1500+ on bosses.

    I appreciate all your help.

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    could you post a wws report so that we can take a look at your raid performance?

    also, what type of group are you runnin in? are you in a melee-friendly group?

    i have to say that most likely it's your rotation/group comp. your slam/normal attacks should be 1/1 in ratio. we say wait it out because generally you'll find that with MS/WW in your rotation you'll do better than just slamming over and over again. it does take a good amount of time to learn the rotation, and get it perfect. do u have a swing timer? are you clipping your auto-attacks by slamming early? just things to think about

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    i do 1500+ dps @teron

    hmm , i see u have nice equip... maybe there is something wrong in your rotation?

    i dont even use any swingtime anymore , because i know when i need to slam , i used quartz before

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    I use quartz.

    sometimes when im not able to do it perfectly, i hit slam here:

    .. hit
    .. \/

    the way i learned to be perfect is here:

    ................................. hit (when i see 0.7/0.6 left i click)

    i also need to know, when i must stop considering hitting slam, provided that it will hurt the rotation. for example in this case, is it yet worth to slam, if y missed the sweet spot?

    ........ hit
    ........ \/

    i know the times when i'm making it perfectly because i see smooth transition from 1 swing to another, rage increase and the slam landed. but i must confess i can't do like this way everytime yet.

    the BIG problem is boss movement, and in trash, mantaining a good rotation is almost impossible.

    i'm really focused on correcting what is wrong, ill ask my guild for wwstats so u guys give me some advices.

    thanks in advance

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    Only change I would say about your spec is to have 5/5 imp demo shout instead of UW. That is unless you have someone else using it (off-tank, fury warrior) but tbh it should be your job.

    Gear wise, swords outperform any other weapon. I see you don't often PvP but until you can get your hands on Cats Edge, Jin'rohk or even the Twinblade if you ever go back to Kael you should try grinding for the s2 sword or even make the t3 Blacksmithing weapon.

    You are starting to build your armor penetration nicely so now would be a good time to get Dory's Embrace instead of the BoE crafted one.

    The Swiftsteel shoulders are not as great for Arms as for Fury and should be replaced by the Blood-Stained Pauldrons from Rage or your t6.

    You would be better off changing your neck-piece to the SSO exalted one as soon as you can grind the remaining rep. The aldor proc is very good.

    For your ranged weapon you should go for either Zul'jins bow (more armour pen and an excuse to go there for the sword as well) or the badge crossbow.

    Lastly, since you are there to help the other melee as well, Solarian's Sapphire is the best trinket you can use in that respect. Keep the Shard ofc.

    It might seem like a lot but it is the subtle gear tweaks between fury and arms that really make a difference (especially your choice of weapon).

    You make no mention of group build but a windfury totem is a must. Combined with sword proc you should have plenty of rage to add heroic strikes in instead of whites, increasing your damage even more.

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    Your raid dps will look abyssmal don't concern yourself with it.

    Lose Quartz its crap, get LD50_Abar from wow ace.

    Don't trade Jink'rok for Soul Cleaver thats madness.

    Gen from Str until you have around 2k ap unbuffed then gem crit.

    If you not running with an enchance shammy your never going to see the numbers your suppose to see.

    Enjoy the beauty that is 2 handed arms pve, it will be dead in a month. So just go back to fury...

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    Yeah it sounds like a rotation problem to me. I havn't done it a lot and i lag probably a bit too much for me to be awesome at it anyway, but to be good at arms you need to get the rotation down almost every time, and in fights where you always have to be moving you will never be able to put out dps.

    If you have a fair bit of melee in the group though, the 4% buff for each of them is probably still worth it.

    Oh and it has been stated many times here and on elitist jerks that the standard rotation for arms is better than execute spamming (provided your rotation is good).

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    hmm do u need to kill the ghosts @ teron? thats why maybe u have low dps

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    I mentioned this is another thread, but I'll say it again here.

    Quartz has one huge flaw: it doesn't change the swing timer if you gained a haste buff from your previous swing, eg critting and gaining flurry, DST proccing, drums, etc. This is probably due to lag. The solution is to watch your character and rely on his moving to swing until you get back into a rhythm.

    Another problem is is the heroism phase. Sometimes, with the aforementioned buffs, your swing time will drop at or below 2.5s. Now, you'll experience slam clipping, which really hurts dps, especially when you factor in lag. At this point, I usually switch to slamming every other attack, and heroic strike more often.

    During the execute phase, I'll execute if I see myself @ 80 rage or more.

    I wouldn't slam more than arbitrarily .5s past the white hit.

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    I followed some of the tips u guys mentioned, and just did 1515dps on brutallus, without haste pots to buff execute phase, so i'm happier. I'll try even harder to put those numbers higher.

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    I see you re-specced fury, I did this weekend too just to see what the difference was. On gorefiend I can get up to 1800 dps, maybe more, but I seem to be threat capped at around 1600. I use the soul clever over the twinblade or Jinkroh, Archi still hasn't dropped cats for us. I will be back in my arms gear on monday if you want to check me out Jargan If you look and my gear is all messed up, I've been talking with the rogues trying to explain why as fury i don't need 300+ hit rating lol. But as arms I can definately tell when I am getting a good rotation down and when I'm not, I am always in the top 10, most of the time in the top 5 or 6, and if I really get it timed right, only the rogues, and the fully T6 hunter that came from a different guild will beat me. I know if I don't have an enhance shammy, that my dps will drop by as much as 200 dps, if not more. But as was said I don't see it being worth learning if your not used to it, because I don't see any build that will rely on imp slam rotation in the new talent points.

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