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Thread: Shield enchant question (threat vs avoidance)

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    Shield enchant question (threat vs avoidance)

    Current armory The World of Warcraft Armory

    Planning on reworking gem slots when 3.0 hits since loss of defense eminent

    [Formula: Enchant Shield - Major Stamina] vs [Plans: Felsteel Shield Spike]

    Currently working PvP honor to get [Merciless Gladiator's Shield Wall]

    I have [Dawnforged Defender]

    Trying to decide when I get the PvP shield... if I put the +18 stam on it, should I put shield spikes on the Shatter Sun shield for a threat generation for trash pulls?

    Some quick comparisons if I was to do this... (all unbuffed stats w/ no shouts up)

    with PvP shield w/+18 stam buff
    17808 AC (62.78% reduction)
    23.30% dodge
    14644 Health
    61 Hit (3.9%)

    with SS shield w/ Felsteel
    16868 AC (61.5% reduction)
    24.25% dodge
    14274 health
    74 hit (4.7%)

    another option would be to just buy another SS shield and put spikes on it... since they are not unique

    Any suggestions/recomendations... hopefully the ZA shield will drop at some point... or I will get luck in a Grull PuG...
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