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Thread: Upgrade MH?

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    Upgrade MH?

    Right now I am using Gromtar's Charge (sp?). and ive had some kara runs and been running H mech, but no sun eater or kings defender. I was wondering if i should get the revered SSO sword or not? i know its only 36g or whatever but i really dont want to spend it if its not a sufficient upgrade from my axe, because i will still be trying to get the suneater and kings defender. and i should have my dwarven defender or whatever its called tomorrow also from SSO exalted

    also i was wondering about badge gear upgrade. i know the girdle of fearless is the 1st choice for badge gear, but i have been sitting on this blue chest piece, and blue pants, so i was wondering if it would be a good idea to upgrade those before the belt since i got a belt drop in kara. i read in another thread that there is a good chest piece that drops in ZA, but that could be some time before i start there, so not sure i want to put off getting a chest piece till then

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    Gromtor's Charge is a great weapon for the starting tank, especially because it isn't that difficult to get. But the SSO revered sword is definitely an upgrade and worth 35g.

    I would say, that your current belt is pretty solid, the 75 badge belt is way better, but you will get more out of upgrading your chest. I would hold of on pants because the ones in Karazhan are pretty awesome (3 slots!!) and they are MUCH more common than the tanking chest from Kara.

    Good luck on weapon!! I got lucky with my Sun Eater, but its definitely one of my more lacking pieces of gear. I want the KD even though its only a marginal improvement.

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