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Thread: Catching up with my guild

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    Catching up with my guild

    Hello thar, I just recently started gearing and tanking on my warrior and I must say it's been rather pleasant. However I do have some dilemmas, my guild is currently starting ssc and tk and I am trying to gear up as fast as possible.

    The thing is, I'm not 100% of what to do. I mean, I have plenty of tanking experience from playing my paladin but I aint so sure about what I should be focusing on as a warrior.

    Any tips are welcome.
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    Farming badges is the easiest way to take your gear to the next level. Once you get more of the badge gear you'll be caught up, at least as an OT.

    It's a lot of badges though.

    Ring = 60
    Chest = 100
    Legs = 100
    Belt = 75
    Bracer = 35

    As for "what to do...." do you want to know like what stats to focus on? Or what abilities?

    The best rotation is Shield Slam, Revenge, Devestate, Devestate, repeat. You will probably open with a handful of devestates, I personally go Shield Slam, Revenge as soon as revenge is available and I have enough rage. After the first rotation throw in Thunderclap/Rend/Demo Shout/etc. But you want to use those abilities when you would be using devestate, so you are constantly keeping Shield Slam (highest threat move) and revenge (damn high for its TWO rage cost) on cooldown.

    For gear... you are def capped so you don't need to worry about that. The trouble now is to get lots more HP and stack up a decent amount of avoidance. Dodge is easy toget from badge gear...so I typically try and gem for Parry once I am def capped. Running heroics can get you the +5parry +6stam gems which are REALLY awesome.

    If I am not using those than it is +12 stamina or +15 if the piece is really good and I have extra badges on an alt!

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