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Thread: Expecting More of DPS

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    Expecting More of DPS

    I noticed an interesting change in most of the 5-man encounters I've seen in WotLK: Boss encounters are based more on timers than percentages. For instance, adds are summoned every X seconds rather than at every 25% health.

    I don't know if this will translate to raids as well, but it's a welcome change for the 5-mans. By getting more gear and more skill and killing bosses faster as a result, the encounters become notably less frustrating. It will be a nice way of pushing DPS to perform their roles better and will be a good benchmark. I can't wait to say to some unsuspecting DPSer, "we got three sets of adds this time? Ouch!"

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    Similar to the third boss in SLab, Cider?

    If so, I'm extremely for this change.

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    i'm loving the change to this, looks like they listened to your rant about enrage timers being good.

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    Lol I love rolling with OP dps, as long as I can hang on to the boss. 3rd boss in slabs, fastest I've seen him drop was in one pull, he didn't even teleport.

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    Nice. I really prefer this style of fight over the alternative. If your DPS fails, its on them.

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    It's the same for Kael in HMgT. I've ran that where we got no phoenix and he didnt pyroblast, then I've ran it where we got 2 phoenix and a pyro.

    It makes sense from how they are redoing things, but we'll have to see if they do this across the board.

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