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Thread: Trinket choice

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    Trinket choice

    So I have lots of trinkets atm and am getting a bit confused as to which the best ones are.

    Currently got:
    Commendation, Auto-Blocker, Scarab, Pocket Watch, Ashtongue Talisman, Romulo's, DarkMoon Card and Spyglass.

    I am using Scarab and Pocket Watch when I want avoidance and Commendation and Blocker when I want threat (I am hit capped in threat gear).

    Which are the best choices for a general tank set up when I dont want to max threat or avoidance particularly and are my avoid / threat choices correct?

    Hopefull I'll get the one off Gurtogg soon too, which will confuse things even more!

    Armoury below (has me at fury from ZA yesterday atm, should update soon):

    The World of Warcraft Armory
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    One thing that I have learnt now is there is no 1 general set for tanks , unfortnately there are fights where EH is better than avoidance and then there are those where avoidanve wins the fight and then ofc there are the nuke race fights where you wanna push threat stats .

    Eg . Personally on trash I use the DMC: Vengeance and the GAB , on boss fights I replace the DMC with the comendation andf then decide what I need more , if threat it will be GAB if its stam it will then be DMC and if its avoidance it will be Pocket watch or the ZA trinket . Then you have to know your bosses aswell , if its a boss who will do big unmitigatable 'Sinister Strikes' at a point where your healers are under pressure the ZA trinket will be better for the armor use if its a boss who's 'strikes can be avoided in a tough situation then the pocket watch would be better for the dodge use .

    Then ofc your gear balance comes into play if you have pushed stam on your gear then a avoidence trinket would be better and ofc vice versa . So the answer to your question is basically know your encounters

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