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Thread: New to Prott...

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    New to Prott...

    Hi, I was wondering if I could get a bit of advice on my warrior. I have been prott for about two to three months, following your guide to prekara gear and trying hard to get some expeirence.

    my armory link is

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Thank you for any advice in advance.


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    Hmmm, guess my first post was a bit vague....

    So here goes again.

    Yes my armory link does show me in Battle stance, and with crappy gear, sorry, logged out of him on my farming gear. I will try and fix that.

    I do have the Sword and shield from being exaulted with SSO, and I am at 485 Def rating, and around 15+ % on dodge, parry and such forth. I have also, just gotten the tank armor from Rep with Aldor.

    My questions are, What obvious changes would I make in both my armor, and gemming correctly. Also, a stupid question, does crit rating manner when tanking?

    I have tanked a few instances, mostly stuff in Hellfire and occationaly we have tried MT. I have no problems with agro, except, I do find I am loosing agro from time to time,to either the healer,*priest* or to a Ice/arm mage with a lot of damage behind him.

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    Some quick suggestions before bed:

    Never gem for AP. Str scales with Kings and Prot talents. A corollary to that: Dont gem for either, gem for stam. Socket bonus rarely matter, just stick blue in everything. This advice might change slightly when Wrath hits, but probably not. Until you can stay alive it doesnt matter how much threat you put out. You especially dont want all those Agi gems, you dont have the gear to gem for avoidance.

    Get tanking trinkets with +Def (there is an easy quest reward and one in SL) an get rid of the +def gems. Replace your bracer enchant with +def. There is a +def enchant for cloaks if you need it, but armor isn't that bad.

    Get a ranged weapon with Stam.

    Your talents are a big wonky, but not terrible. Drop Iron will, get Imp. HS. Also get Focused Rage and Cruelty. (Probably by dropping Imp. Bloodrage and Imp. Shield Wall.)

    Crit isn't something you gem/enchant for; however cruelty is an amazing talent and is pretty much 5% free threat.

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    * cracks open my sleeply eyes*

    wow. I am so seriously glad you pointed this out.

    The person I have been getting advice from told me I needed agility.. *mental note to smack him next time I see him*

    So, gem/enchant to get the def rating, and stam everything else. Okies, I can do that. Plus..a new ranged weapon. I guess that gives me an excuse to grind mats for the big gun.....

    I will re spec as I said. The reason I went with this spec was IMO, I wanted to generate rage to use my abilities, so hence going with the way I went. Once again, I am happy someone pointed this out to me.

    Thank you again.


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    More information

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    This is the de facto tanking spec. The usefulness of each talent is discussed in the FAQs/stickies etc; you can deviate from this and good tanks do, but make sure you know specifically what situtation you're speccing for and why the change is merited. (Example: Imp Defensive stance is rather lackluster, when tanking Kael however it is quite good. If you were running Mgt everyday as your only "progression" tanking it might be something to consider as well.)

    3.0 and Wrath are going to change tanking; exacty how much hasn't really come out yet. The basics won't change all that much however and if you're just starting I think that learning how things work now will give you a good basis for learning how things change in Wrath. Going out of your way for extremely hard to get tanking gear at this point however has dimishing returns. If you aren't going to be getting T6 pieces before Wrath you'll most likely end up needing gear from 5mans/Heroics at 80 anyway. Gear then needs to be something you consider between leveling speed and being able to tank now.

    You can definitly improve your tanking kit. There are several quest rewards that would be upgrades.[item]Adamantine Figurine[/item] and [item]Dabiri's Enigma[/item] are both easy upgrades. Regemming/re-enchanting isn't a big deal either. It'll give you gear to tank while you level, and more importantly you'll learn what you're doing. Just make sure that if you go overboard buying stuff that you're aware of how close Wrath is; having a good dps set to level in will be important as well.

    As to losing aggro on healers or dps. They're two rather different problems. Healer aggro is typically tank error; on packs of 4 or less mobs if you can stay alive tanking them you should typically be able to keep them off the healer. An extremely well geared healer pushing you through a Heroic might pull because of the sheer amount of healing needed to keep you up, but I'm guessing that isn't the case. DPS pulling on the other hand might be a messy rotation, but could easily be a gear problem or DPS being idiots as well. Post your typical rotation on single and multi-mob pulls and it'll be easier to help you out.

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    hey would someone check out my gear and talents and advice on how to improve according to www.wow-heros.com i'm just below za my block is 21.something and dodge and parry are in the 17 s the only blue i have is my belt what is my next step

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