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Thread: Fury Badge/PVP upgrades

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    Fury Badge/PVP upgrades

    Hey guys, currently we're running Kara/ZA, no 25 mans, so most of my upgrades are gonna be from ZA and badges. Due to wotlk I'm not too sure what to focus on right now. I have about 40 badges and about 14K honor, so I could upgrade my MH to S2, or I could save those badges for the fist weapon. On the other hand I could use those badges to get the gauntlets of rapidity, ring or the plate shoulders. I'm still hoping kazzak's will come on the AH, but no luck so far. If I didn't take the S2 weapon I could also get the S2 pants:

    Oh and I know my boots aren't gemmed and enchanted yet, I only got em the other night, still hoping for halazzi to drop new ones for me. Also still waiting for the shard to drop

    What do you all think?

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    Nice Fury set Rid.

    You have done pretty much as well as you can do without going to 25mans or the arena. Even though i'm not crazy about first weapons the MH is pretty much as good as it gets so I would go for it

    I think there is a nice chest piece that drops in Heroic MGT that may be an upgrade for your S2 Chest [item]Heartless[/item] driops in late ZA maybe worth going for if you decide to use your badges on other items than the Fist Weapon

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