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Thread: Next Badge item?

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    Next Badge item?

    Current armory The World of Warcraft Armory

    Character is an old alt that decided to level to 70... and gear up to tank (as there seemed to be a shortage). Guild pretty much dead now... so pugging Kara... Heroics... and hope to get into ZA soon. Wouldn't mind getting into an active raiding guild again, but current schedule usually has me not online at night during normal raiding times.

    A note about current gear... just picked up T4 helm, and need to get revered with CoT for that enchant (one BM run away)... also need to redo talents but was waiting for the new talent 3.0 patch.

    I can switch [Strength of the Untamed] for [Shattered Sun Pendant of Resolve] but had been just below uncritible previously... may be above with the new T4 helm w/ enchant (will have to check)

    So my choices are

    [Chestplate of Stoicism] from [Bulwark of the Ancient Kings]

    [Sunguard Legplates] from [Warbringer Legguards]

    I hadn't been considering the legs because they gave me the 2-piece bonus from T4... but with 3 pieces... I could pick this up (but in the rare chance I make it into a Pug Grull run as tank and get the shoulders... would be loosing out on possible 4-piece bonus)

    any thoughts or suggestions?

    thank you
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    Get the chestplate of stoicism. Looking at how the T6 chest is changing in the next patch, stoicism might be the new best in game pre-sunwell.

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    Remember that much of the discussion and theorycrafting on these forums centers on min-maxing for level 73 boss progression fights where your survival is paramount.

    The badge chest gives you a survivability bonus over your BS chest, but you may find yourself wearing your current chest for threat on trash and heroics - which is much (maybe most) of the time you spend tanking.

    The badge legs give you a boost to survivability AND a huge threat boost. You will probably never un-equip them when tanking.

    And if you are looking for pure survivability, the badge ring is higher on some people's list.

    But hey, it's your 100 badges, get what you want!

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    Managed to pick up [Warbringer Shoulderguards] last night... pug grull... now 4 of 5 T4 pieces

    Ended up tanking high king... with Salv on for most of it (didn't notice till mid way through)

    It may have been the Salv buff on for most of the trash pulls... but I keep finding that my threat generation is lacking. Also having a hard time generating rage on trash (no problem on high king for most part), but that might be because I am not being hit alot...

    I am guessing the easiest way to increase threat and rage may be to switch weapons... switch [The Sun Eater] for something (trying to get [Quickening Blade of the Prince] or [King's Defender], may use [Latro's Shifting Sword] which I already have) would love to get [Cleaver of the Unforgiving] but still havn't tanked in ZA yet (healed it plenty on my resto shaman so I at least know the fights)

    Also thinking of using [Nightstrike] instead of [Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer]

    Any suggestions on where to go from here?
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