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Thread: More advice needed on fury dps...

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    More advice needed on fury dps...

    Hi all,
    99.9% of the time I'm a tank. Once in awhile I go fury.
    In my fury gear, I sit around 180 hit, 2800 attack power (buffed),
    26% crit (in zerker stance). Main hand is akil'zons talonblade,
    off hand is fury.

    I'm using the standard rotation of bloodthirst->whirlwind->rampage
    and tossing in a heroic strike, or demo shout, or sweeping strike on occasion.
    I find that my dps on bosses (in ZA) and total damage done still seems
    too low. Around 800dps on bosses. And it seems like bloodthirst
    hits for only around 1.1 to 1.5k.

    Is it simply that my crit is too low? Do I need to be throwing in a heroic
    strike every time one is available?

    When dps'ing as prot, I have something to hit every GCD... in fury, it
    feels like there are GCDs wasted while waiting for BT or WW. Anyone
    have any extra tips on things one does while dpsing as fury?


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    Isn't akil'zons talonblade REALLY fast? you want a SLOW weapon in your mainhand.. even if it means taking a small dip in dps..

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    Yes, it is... I don't have a slow weapon to compensate yet. That's certainly one thing
    to change.

    My rotation is what really feels broken/missing something however. It could be that
    I'm not used to the playstyle I guess.

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    yeah the playstyle feels very different at first, prot you're always spamming, with fury you have to wait for bt/ww and hit hs/cleave depending on rage (usuallly when >50 to leave rage for bt/w) while keeping shouts up and rampage up. Slower weapon will also means less options to hs i.e. more rage efficient.

    Personally I like a little higher crit ~30% unbuffed in order to get higher uptime on flurry, but I know there are others who are ok with lower too.

    yeah like the other guy said, slow weapon will help and then windfury will do more for you too, that is if you can get it

    doublecheck your talent tree, also get the shard of contempt if you don't in case your expertise is low, make sure you've got decent enchants

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    For the longest time I used to mash every HS, BT, or WW when they were up. I had no rotation. I had terrible DPS and just all around sucked... I was in T5. 0.0 Then one day another fury warrior in my guild told me the rotation BT/WW and HS when over 50 rage.

    It took me a good week or two to get used to 'waiting' on BT/WW or more than 50 rage to hit something. However the benefits are proven and will be readily apparent.

    As far as your crit is concerned getting closer to 30% will help every aspect of you rotation/DPS. For fun you can throw in some ArP to give a boost to your DPS.

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    I'd be interested as to what buffs you have on you when you say you have 2800 attack power buffed, ie. what your unbuffed attack power is. That is the easiest way to really know what is going on.

    Your crit is a little bit low, and getting it higher certainly will help. However learning the rotation of fury takes a fair bit of practice to get anywhere near good at it. BT/WW and HS > 50 rage sounds easy. Learning when and where you can use your whirlwind, sweeping strikes (a key ability if you learn to spot situations for it) and using heroic strike every time you are over 50 rage are important.

    Make sure you have rampage and your shouts up obviously, and on your "wasted" cooldown time keep an eye out for what debuffs are on the boss and consider throwing up demo shout to help out with the tanking.

    Weapon speed does make a fairly big difference as well when it comes to whirlwind damage. However a lot of times in ZA you don't want to be using that whirlwind anyway (or at least need to be careful of when you are using it).

    On a boss fight the biggest help to you will be making sure at 20% you burn every cooldown you have and execute spam. That means recklessness, haste potion (get them for this if nothing else), trinkets and go nuts hitting execute on every single cooldown (you should have enough rage for almost every cooldown to hit it again).

    If you can do that, without dying or taking over threat, then your dps should see a decent boost as well.

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