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Thread: WOTLK Tanking Gear List

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    Looks good, i would use this one until you have all slots done and then create new thread.

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    I'm surprised it ranks:

    12. Tattered Castle Drape (11908)
    Source: World Drop (BOE)

    13. Cloak of the Enemy (11368)
    Source: Heroic Nexus

    in that order. It's putting more emphasis on block value than the avoidance gain from the defence?
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    These are the default numbers Loot-Rank is using.

    Str: 40
    Stam: 78

    Armor: 6
    Defense: 80
    Dodge: 75
    BV: 45
    BR: 15
    Parry: 70
    Hit: 30
    Expertise: 60

    Honestly, since I'm ussually doing this on work subsidized wow time I am just looking for the simplest way to get some ratings quickly. I'd agree with you though, as an Ulduar tank I try to ignore BV completely, I sure wouldnt give it a 45 rating. Its pretty easy to change the order and rating numbers but i would look to people better at math to come up with a good stat weight system.

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    Another instalment. Slight change in the order of ranking but nothing earch shattering.

    Yet another reason to grind Wyrmrest Accord reputation: Breastplate of the Solemn Council is easily obtainable and will last until you get to wear purple for that slot. The T7(10) chestpiece is available for 10-man badges and is well worth the effort. Certainly the best you can get unless you do 25-man raiding.

    1. Conqueror's Siegebreaker Breastplate (45747)
    Source: Hodir (Ulduar Heroic) and Emblem Vendor

    2. Valorous Siegebreaker Breastplate (43640)
    Source: Yogg-Saron (Ulduar)

    3. Unbreakable Chestguard (43534)
    Source: Auriaya (Ulduar Heroic)

    4. Dragonstorm Breastplate (441863)
    Source: Obsidian Sanctum 25-man (1 drake)

    5. Chestguard of the Exhausted (40205)
    Source: Grobbulus (Naxxramas Heroic)

    6. Breastplate of Tormented Rage (39968)
    Source: Heigan (Naxxramas Heroic)

    7. Valorous Dreadnaught Breastplate (39967)
    Source: Four Horseman (Naxxramas Heroic)

    8. Massive Skeletal Ribcage (38036)
    Source: Sapphiron (Naxxramas)

    9. Heroes' Dreadnaught Breastplate (37057)
    Source: Four Horseman (Naxxramas) / Emblem Vendor (80 Emblems of Heroism)

    10. Breastplate of the Solemn Council (33522)
    Source: Faction Reward (The Wyrmrest Accord - Revered)

    11. Ziggurat Imprinted Chestguard (33002)
    Source: Drak'Tharon Keep 5-man (Heroic)

    12. Icebane Chestguard (32890)
    Source: BOE Crafted

    Chest Enchants
    Yet again we see the effective health and the avoidance enchant being almost equal when it comes to raw survival. If you have problems reaching crit immunity, getting +16 Defense Rating on your chestpiece is a good idea.

    Super Health (1950)
    +275 Health

    Powerful Stats (1830)
    +10 All Stats

    Greater Defense (159p)
    +22 Defense Rating

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    Flamewatch Bindings should be up there for tank bracers should they not?

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    I don't see this mentioned on the Waist list and it looks like it would be a good fit.

    Stormtempered Girdle

    I added a belt buckle and a +41 stamina gem to this piece and it was an upgrade for me from

    Waistguard of Living Iron

    Any thoughts?

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    Patch 3.1: New BOE crafted boots are best-in-slot for survival AND offers great threat stats aswell.

    I know I'm repeating myself here, but let's just underline how nice Wyrmrest Accord reputation is for plate tanks: Sabatons of Draconic Vigor is available at probably the best blue boots around. The BOE crafted epics are kinda lackluster, and they're certainly not something I'll pay good gold for.

    1. Greaves of the Stonewarder (36173)
    Source: Trash (Ulduar-25m)

    2. Greaves of the Iron Army (34856)
    Source: Mimiron (Ulduar-10m) Hardmode

    3. Spiked Deathdealers (34118)
    Source: BOE Crafted

    4. Charred Saronite Greaves (32215)
    Source: Razorscale (Ulduar-25m)

    5. Sabatons of Endurance (30323)
    Source: Thaddius (Naxxramas-25m)

    6. Kyzoc's Ground Stompers (29993)
    Source: Badge Reward (Emblem of Valor x40)

    7. Inexorable Sabatons (27696)
    Source: Anub'rekhan (Naxxramas 25-man)

    8. Plague-Impervious Boots (27348)
    Source: Noth (Naxxramas 10-man)

    9. Greaves of Ancient Evil (23835)
    Source: Ahn'kahet 5-man (Heroic)

    10. Blood-Caked Stompers / Stanchions of Unseatable Furor (23641)
    Source: Argent Tournament

    11. Icebane Treads (23356)
    Source: BOE Crafted

    12. Tempered Titansteel Treads (23206) L80 Epic
    Source: BOE Crafted

    13. Sabatons of Draconic Vigor (22834)
    Source: Faction Reward (The Wyrmrest Accord - Revered)

    Boot Enchants

    Greater Fortitude ()
    +22 Stamina

    Heavy Borean Armor Kit /
    Icewalker /
    Tuskarr's Vitality ()
    +15 Stamina (+other effects)

    Superior Agility ()
    +16 Agility

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    SHadow of the Ghoul

    Really nice cape that you havent added

    Shadow of the Ghoul - Item - World of Warcraft

    Probably the top two

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    I know there is much to read here, I'm sorry for asking but other than the clutch of fortification (if that's the correct name) from the triumph vendor - what 2nd ring should I get for my war?

    thank you in advance, still reading the lsits...

    p.s. I haven't completed ToC 10 man yet, though we are hitting it all week, and I haven't been through any 25's except for OS 25 and tempest keep 25 I believe.

    And I am currently gearing up for tank work in my raiding guild, I am lvl 80 and most of my gear is lvl 232-245 but I am looking for a 2nd ring that will work until I can get the better stuff from the higher level runs, icc 25, ulduar 25, etc
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    Great guide, demog. If you'd like to find tanking gear that is post 3.1, you can find an updated database at TauntMaster: The World of Warcraft Tanking Resource It has tanking gear up to & including ICC and is searchable by instance or slot.

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    Thanks again from my second warrior. =)
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