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    More Notes

    Ran the Nexus today, generating single target threat was ridiculously easy. Ran with a guildie Fury Warrior with Apolyon and mostly Sunwell gear and it was nothing holding aggro over him on single targets. I'm sure Blizzard knows about this discrepancy, but just had to comment on it.

    Shield Slam is...out of balance. The 100% additional damage is....awkward.

    When you don't have shield block up it feels like shield slam is barely getting the job done on multi mob pulls. When Shield Block is up it feels like BC style pally consecrate spam: click then afk. I don't believe a happy medium can exist between the two using a 100% modifier.

    I might be just uncomfortable with it because it is new, but it doesn't feel right.

    Ughh wanted to write alot more, but Canes/Gators halftime is over, be back later!

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    Tbh it's similar for paladins Shield of Righteousness, on single target you can kinda hold aggro by just spamming that one. Damages for less than the warrior version, but generates tons of threat more.
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