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Thread: Usefulness of [Ardent Defender]

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    Usefulness of [Ardent Defender]

    I'm Felona, a prot pally.
    Here is my Armory link: The World of Warcraft Armory
    I recently changed my spec for more threat output. I was looking for some talent points to bring out in the protection section and I came by to question about the usefulness of [Ardent Defender].

    As for now, I am crit and crush capped. Therefore, as you can see, my gear is not that of tier 6 (I only have tier 4 plus some badges stuff). I Recently applied for a raiding guild which is currently trying illidan and I think that my major problem here should be threat (I currently take out the first mob). That's why I try to max out Spelldamage by sacrificing Stamina and some miti/avoidance.

    I removed [ardent defender] because I don't think it really helps.

    Picture this: Full raid buffed I have around 20k health so 35% of that equals 7k. That means I need to have less than 7k health in order to receive 30% less damage. As for me, if i get so low in health, i would pot or healthstone myself so that would make me go over the recquired 7k health (that way, [Ardent Defender] would never come to effect).

    I took my descision but I would also like to know whether my reasoning is correct or not.

    Thank you

    p.s: I am a french player so...please don't be surprised if I make mistakes while writing

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    Notlob its a palindrome
    dont worry about threat too much, it should concern you only for trash and BT trash hits like wet fish generally.

    Also the only place you will have threat issues in BT is trash, if you really feel like your threat will fail on gurtogg ask to tank first (but bare in mind you need decent health and avoidance to tank him).

    Your current spec sacrificing 2% avoidance, 2% armor, and ardent defender is not worth it for increasing 10-12% of your damage by 15% its a relatively small gain...

    Reckonning is probably worth more, Sanctity aura specs are popular as well but seal of righteos specs sacrifice way too much in prot and ret (2% avoidance 2% armor AND AD is alot) You are undergeared for BT apart from the 117 more spell damage than me in your gear that is largely wasted. Your avoidance is good but you lack a whole 1-2k armor over BT ready tanks...Spell damage ring fine for threat set but for tanking nah uh.

    Have threat items and a main tank set with aoe tanking pieces. Variation works better than 1 set fits all because 1 set does not fit all.

    Ardent defender is useful; when aoe tanking, when health stone is on CD and if your tanking anything that hits hard you should be using stone or iron shield pots. Its not about whether its useful its about whether it could prevent a wipe..

    Search for a mod you may find ardent defender kicks in more than you think. I think gruul and boss tanking in general AD makes some huge leaps. Sunwell however brutallus especially hits too hard for AD to reliably mitigate and then you could say its not worth it.

    Anyway bottom line is you have 600+dmg which is way more than needed to tank all of BT. Threat wont be an issue but if you only gear for threat you will not have tank gear.

    Tank gear for tanking threat gear for trash/farm bosses! and please for the love of all thats holy pick up 2% more parry and the last point of toughness those are the best talents!

    /on your reasoning:

    Health stones have cooldowns and sometimes things dont go as planned. Murphys law says anything that can go wrong will go wrong (yes those werent the exact words but same jist). You may use a health stone at 7k bringing you to 10k but then the boss hits you twice for 4k and the second hit gets mitigated..Ardent defender may not be reliable but its there and does help every now and then.
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    I see then. It is indeed useful, at least for now.

    Thank you for the suggestion and explanation (I'll go respec right away and gear up avoidance stats).

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