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Thread: Prot Pally needs help with gear/gems/enchants

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    Prot Pally needs help with gear/gems/enchants

    Hi all,

    I got my paladin to 70 recently. I'm having a little trouble with understanding how to correctly gem and enchant his gear for tanking. He is currently holy as I leveled 60-70 with a Shockadin build (thirsty but effective like fire mage). In my Shockadin build with tanking items equipped I'm have the following stats:
    Armor: 10556 (without devo aura)
    Def: 453
    Dodge: 12.43%
    Parry: 11.12%
    Block: 10.52%

    I know I have some items to replace/upgrade and some questing/grinding to do so that I get to 490 def. The following is an example of my confusion: Assuming I was already at 490 def, with a cookie-cutter protection build, I have Gauntlets of the Chosen - Item - World of Warcraft equipped and I picked up Felsteel Gloves - Item - World of Warcraft real cheap (10 gold), if I equip the felsteel gloves what enchant and gems should I go? For enchants I was considering:
    +2% threat increase
    +15 agi
    +20 spell damage
    +10 stamina armor kit

    For gems I was considering:
    - Dodge/Stam Regal Tanzanite - Item - World of Warcraft
    - 12 stamina Solid Star of Elune - Item - World of Warcraft
    - Def/Stam Enduring Talasite - Item - World of Warcraft
    - Agi/Stam Shifting Nightseye - Item - World of Warcraft
    - 8 Dodge Subtle Living Ruby - Item - World of Warcraft
    - 8 Def Thick Dawnstone - Item - World of Warcraft

    Should I stack stamina after 490 def and wait for gear to drop to reach uncrushable or start gemming for avoidance as soon as I reach 490 def?

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    Head on up to the Tankspot Library. Caoin has posted a wonderful starting guide to help get your feet under you.

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    Thanks for the URL to the guide. However, I'm wondering if one can substitute some of the PVE pieces with S2 pvp pieces?

    Specifically the S2...
    - shield
    - chest
    - shoulders

    I have:
    Head: Tankatronic Goggles
    Neck: Mark of the Ravenguard
    Chest: Breastplate of the Warbringer
    Wrists: Bracers of the Green fortress
    Gloves: T4 Gloves
    Belt: Belt of the Guardian
    Legs: Felsteel Leggings
    Feet: Flesh Bests Metal Greaves
    Rings: Wind Trader's band (green) and the starter Violet Signet tanking ring
    Trinket: Dabiri's Enigma
    Libram: Badge Libram of Repentance
    Weapon: Crystalforged Sword
    Back: Spell-slinger's Protector (nagrand quest reward)
    Shoulders: 70 Blue Rep PvP shoulders (healing)
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    I looked up the info. that I needed an I found that the S2 PvP pieces are fine to get me to the uncrittable threshold early and I can start working on replacing those pieces later as I quest, run kara, and normal/heroic instances. So I need to work on uncrushable next.

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