Lemmings is an extremely laid back, tight knit Guild located on Ner'zhul, a West coast (PST) PVP server. We have been together since the birth of TBC, and even before TBC our core was together from MC up to Naxx.

We are 5/6 in Sunwell Plateau currently working on Kil'Jaeden (32%!!). Plans for WoTLK raiding are already in place.


We are looking for mature, dedicated players that have experience with a majority of the content we are currently working on.

(1) Protection Warrior or Feral Druid - We have an offtank position available. Gogo tanks! We are looking for someone close to my gear level.

All positions will push through WoTLK.

Some requirements

* Gear: You must have T6 equivalent gear in all of your slots. You must have your gear fully gemmed and enchanted. Your gear tells us a lot about your knowledge of your class, your knowledge of general theory craft, and your willingness to put a lot of effort into your character.

* Dedication: You're here every night. If you have some odd real life circumstances that may be interrupting your play time or will in the near future you may want to search for another guild. We raid four nights a week (currently), and we expect our members to give it their all during those raid times. High attendance is required; however, we fully understand that things come up from time to time.

* Reliability: This fits hand and hand with dedication. We need to be able to rely on you to be there on the tough nights when we're trying to beat new content. We need to know you're not going to flake out and disappear for a week, or that you're going to leave an hour early from raids on a regular basis.

* Skill: We are looking for skilled players who study and theorycraft their class mechanics. You must be extremely competitive in nature, always trying to be #1 in your class on the damage/healing meters. You will always try to do better than you did the previous week on each and every boss fight. You do not die in fires (or anything). You respond well to verbal communications. You have a very fast reaction time.

* Computer/Connection: You do not have video lag or latency issues with your connection. Your computer is completely playable even during heavy AOE. You do not have disconnect issues.

Raid Times (PST Server Time)

Monday-Thursday 6:30-11:00pm


If you have any questions please contact Myself / Lemmus / Qruid in game. Generally after 5:30pm PST.

Lemming Crusade - On the front page click "Join Us" to use our automated application system.