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Thread: Tank needing dps badge gear help

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    Tank needing dps badge gear help

    Hey all,

    Hopefully I've logged in dps gear The World of Warcraft Armory, I'm no longer 25man raiding, but have some badges left over plus I'm likely to be running guildies through kara over the next few weeks. I am mainly looking towards leveling up again in WotLK and will remain prot specced, so duel-wielding devastate spam when solo'ing

    Current stats, with GotW (in case armory's got the hiccups)
    - dw'ing badge fists with goose and exec
    - 1822 AP
    - 157 hit
    - 26.71 crit (pretty sure thats not in zerker)
    - 4.75% expertise
    - 44 haste rating

    My options as far as I can tell are:
    - Legplates of Unending Fury - Item - World of Warcraft -- my current legs I've been wearing the longest out of all my fury gear
    - Amani Mask of Death - Item - World of Warcraft
    - Chain of Unleashed Rage - Item - World of Warcraft, Furious Deathgrips - Item - World of Warcraft and Eternium Rage-shackles - Item - World of Warcraft I don't think are upgrades
    - Angelista's Revenge - Item - World of Warcraft
    - trinkets -- I've also got abacus of violent odds in my bank

    I guess coming from a tank point of view I'm not sure how to balance haste and armour pen against the more "traditional" dps stats of ap, hit and crit .... anyone able to help a little gnome out?
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    I just bought the helm, scares the mobs to death
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    The badge bracers and belt are horrible, please do not buy them!!!!! Get a red belt of battle crafted, much better belt. Pvp bracer or hkm bracer if you can get in on a pug would be much better. Definately get the ring, it has amazing stats. If you are staying prot specced get as much strength and AP as possible, crit does not affect you as much without flurry so you want as much AP as possible. And skip the mask, I refuse to consider a helm without a meta slot for dps, cost yourself way too much.
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    Imo, the item's you want to plan on getting from badges are: [item]Legplates of Unending Fury[/item], [item]Angelista's Revenge[/item], [item]Dory's Embrace[/item], and [item]Bloodlust Brooch[/item]. You may also want to consider [item]Crossbow of Relentless Strikes[/item] if you are aren't dead set on keeping a throwing weapon.

    I'd hold off on the mask at this point. If you are under 142 hit rating it may be an option, but you might consider doing some arenas and picking up [item]Brutal Gladiator's Plate Helm[/item]. Arenas can be rather painful as prot, but with a good healer you can get some wins in 2v2. You'd probably do best in a 5v5 where being prot spec isn't as huge of a disadvantage.

    [item]Furious Deathgrips[/item] are also not really an upgrade, and again, the only real upgrade available to you is [item]Brutal Gladiator's Plate Gauntlets[/item].

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    Personally, unless you have a lot of penetration gear, I prefer having a vengeance wrap crafted. More AP and crit, resilience is wasted item budget for PVE, and it saves badges that can be spent elsewhere.
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