~~Short thing from me: I love TankSpot, so when our guild needed a Prot Warrior I decided to post somthing here! Back to your regularly scheduled recruitment post.~~

<After Dark> Sen'jin PVE (Horde!)

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We raid mon-thurs 8pm-12am pst

We are looking for a very well geared Prot Warrior for off tanking duties. Exp in all T6 content is very much preffered. Exp tanking Illidan flames also would be great. Any experience in sunwell up to and including kalecgos would also be a plus.
Attendence for all raids would often be required,this is a full time position. We are a semi-casual raiding guild that can push when needed but won't prevent you from living a life outside of WoW.

We are currently 5/5 9/9 1/6 and working on Brutallus.

Check us out and if you think you got the right stuff post an app and get in touch with an officer online.

Look forward to meeting you

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