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Thread: Gear comparison

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    Gear comparison

    Hi all,

    My first thread so be kind.

    Usual question but would love an answer that is detailed so I can learn and perhaps not have to ask again, well too soon.

    Leg items to compare are:

    [item]Legplates of the Eternal Guardian[/item] (742 Armour, Defence 22)


    [item]Earthforged Leggings[/item] ( 479 Armour, +16 Strength, +24 Stamina, +10 Agility,
    Equip: Increases defense rating by 10)

    Weapons to compare are:

    [item]Ardent Custodian[/item] (100 Armour, 48 - 90 Damage, Speed 2.10, 32.9 damage per second, Increases defense rating by 7)


    [item]Foe Reaver[/item] (81 - 151 Damage, Speed 2.60, 44.6 damage per second, +8 Strength, +7 Agility, +12 Stamina)

    My feelings are the weapon is obvious and I should give up my long loved Ardent for the higher Dmg +sta and Str Reaver but I just want to be sure.

    Thanks in advance for any replies,


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    you're correct about the weapon, it's time to move on =T

    As for the legs it's kind of a toss up, if you find you need more stamina then the earthforged are much better, but the eternal are good for armor and defense. Personally I think it'd be better to go for the Earthforged for now but keep the EG in your bank.

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