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Thread: Alrighty then... Warrior tank.. halp!

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    Alrighty then... Warrior tank.. halp!

    First off... here's my armory: The World of Warcraft Armory

    Now, as to what I'm working with.. I'm currently in a dead guild, I'm holding on just for nostalgia reasons and the fact that my new guild doesn't like having alts in it. The new guild is BT quality, and my tank would never make it there in current gear so she's running pugs, pug kara, pug heroics, anything I can get my grubby little mits on.

    Now, my current thoughts are, I need threat help. I try to follow the standard rotation, but sometimes end up whackamoling abilities due to occasional lack of rage or just getting flustered as I tank, I'm sure this has a bit to do with my threat, but I seem to be having a very difficult time breaking the 700 TPS barrier.

    Would getting a sun eater or Kings defender help these things? Is there other gear I can switch around to work on my threat, I was looking at the merciless glad chest piece, as I'm over 490 Def, and thinking that could be a huge upgrade over my vindi till i get my badge chest piece.

    Then on that number, the first pieces I'm going for is either legs or chest, though I'm not sure with, I'm thinking the legs might be best as I might have a shot at the pan'zar from nightbane, but really I'd like suggestions on this.

    ZA is a bit out of my reach at the moment, as my gear just couldn't hold up there I think, so Kara, PvP, heroics and badge gear are my main sources of upgrades.

    Any help you could give on my gear, general thoughts, or what not would be appreciated, fledgling tank honestly looking for help here!

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    KD, bracers of the ancient phalanx, brooch of deftness, bonefist gauntlets, battlescar boots, autoblocker and shard of contempt wil all improve your tps and are within reach of your gear level.

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