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So after 2-3 Years as tanking as a warrior, and having recently leveled a "twink tank" warrior for fun. Asin, i got him to 60 socketed him with Epic Gems, Epic enchants, Mongoose on the weapon etc etc. Basically 10k HP @ 62 lol, And I must say tanking normals for pugs being that overpowered is awesome fun...

Anyway, I started doing the same thing on a paladin after speed leveling her to 60 using the Recruit-A-Friend thingo, and well I'm disappoointed as hell.

I'm sure I'm the first person to say this, but is it just me or is paladin tanking !@#$ing boring compared to warrior?

Run in there, Concecrate /sleep while autoattacking....

I'm seriously disappointed lol, I dunno what to say so I came on here to rant, anyway what a waste of Gems and Chants on the pally lol. Just rerolled a warrior to power level to 60, and twink tank again because it's the most fun I've had from MC to BT lol. Seriously.

Anyway /end rant, peace out :P