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Thread: PvP gear transition

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    PvP gear transition

    So I've been playing pretty casually and mostly just pvp with friends, I want to start tanking however, and am not sure what to do about gear.

    Do I need to start at square one with normal mode instances? Or should i just roll with the pvp gear and do like H-SP to get some badges? Not sure what the best plan is. Any advice?
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    run instances, whatever you can get heroic or regular, but get 490 defense. from there, get with your friends and let loose. keep in mind you will be a papertank in heroics for a long while. i would suggest making 490 def your priority then do a few offtank kara runs

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    but keep in mind the goal is 5.6% uncrittability. You can achieve this by getting 490 def, or mixing in some resilience as well. EH minimums and Avoidance minimums will be your bigger hurdles when doing instances at first, not to mention learning the ropes =]. GL!

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