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Thread: Need a tiny bit of help

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    Need a tiny bit of help

    This is my first post here, but I think this is the correct area to post this...Anywho, After looking at the current WotLK Blacksmithing changes and being completely unimpressed, I have decided to drop it for something that will help me now and in the future. What I had in mind was either leatherworking for a group buff and, Pending correct timing and coordination with my group, to have 100% drum uptime for optimal DPS. The other choice is engineering for the fun gadgets and the goggles which, due to the meta-gem, are a large large upgrade. I was leaning more towards LW because I could painfully do 10 games a week for points for S3 helm, which is a larger upgrade over goggles, at least until the Sunwell goggles and Helm of the Illidari Shatterer. My guild is currently 4/5 and 4/9 with RoS almost down. Here is my armory: The World of Warcraft Armory Also, any other gear changing advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Hurtful Edit: I don't know why I can't space these, so sorry for the wall o' text.
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    I would get LW mainly for the drums. With that said, It's still fairly early, and you might want to hold off on dropping BS as they might release a new OP mace like Stormherald, and BS can be a pain to re-level.

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    One thing you should consider in Wrath is that people receive a debuff for 2 minutes when you use drums where you can't get a benefit from them again. I think this was done100% to stop people from getting railroaded into LWing for raids:

    Leatherworking - WotlkWiki - Wrath of the Lich King Information

    Personally, I'm a stam whore, a by nature a blue socket lover, go go blacksmithing in Wrath.

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    If you're committed to DPS, then LW might be the best choice. Granted drums got nurfed, but they still offer a nice buff for you and your group.

    They also get BOP epic armor kits that are better then the tradeable ones.

    Engi looks like the lolfun tradeskill and likely won't offer anything that is worth dropping Smithing or LW.

    If you're looking for a min/max tanking tradeskills I think it's going to be:
    BS/Mining: Smithing has the ability to create sockets for their own gear. Mining has a passive 45 stamina increase
    BS/JC: Sockets and the JC only BoP gems.
    JC/Mining: JC only gems and 45 stamina passive increase.

    Still haven't seen a side by side comparison of those three.

    PS: WTB side by side comparison of the above three.

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