I was a full time tank, and now I'm working on a fury set. I feel like my set is a garage sale of pieces I've picked up here and there and would like some advice.

I'm using maxdps.com and don't know if it's the best place to get information. I seems to advise me to get more pvp stuff.

I have badges and gold. I'm low on honor and arena points. What are my next best/easiest upgrades? Thanks.

Armory link:The World of Warcraft Armory

If I'm not spec'ed fury and in fury gear, armory hasn't refreshed yet. (Summary: S2 Helm, Guardian's Neck, ZA Mail Shoulders, HMgT Chest, Gruul's Bracers, Gruul's Gloves, Red Belt of Battle, Vindicator's Boots, Vindicator's Ring, Angelista's Revenge, Shard of Contempt, and Shadowsong Panther Figurine)