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Thread: Of Tanks, Main Tanks and Team Building

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    Excellent post on this subject, definately made me think about my guild our tanking situation.
    I had been MT on pretty much all the runs and then one night they decided to let me sit so some of the other tanks could get some gear. I guess the OT couldn't generate the threat I do, so it resulted in some encounters taking to long and wiping. Since that time (around 4 months) I have MT'ed everything. But I think it is time for that to change, the OT and I logically need to trade places some and get him used to tanking the bosses up to our current target. (Since that time he has gotten very competitive on threat)
    I guess I never really thought about it. Thanks for the eye opener

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    Quote Originally Posted by jere View Post
    You work with the new tank to try and see what the difference is. Use WWS parses to compare if necessary. Try to find ways to help the new tank improve their threat rotation. Also, you talk with the GM's about the work you are doing with the new tank so they are on board with what you are doing.
    Easier said than done to be honest. You have to realise we're dealing with another person. It's hard to try to help someone improve when they don't ask for it without coming across like you are better than them or trying to tell them how to do things.

    I've provided links to tankspot and found out the rotation used by said tanks but haven't seen much of a change. This could be because our gear kept improving and with it so did threat generation.
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