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Thread: WotLK Threat Scaling

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    WotLK Threat Scaling

    So does a formula exist yet to model the threat scaling of a paladin in WotLK?

    The purpose of this would be to evaluate when to replace our current pretty epics with new greens and blues as well as to decide when we want pure tank gear versus other spell damage gear. A quick look at some of the released epic Black Smithing plans leads me to believe that we will have all the defense for uncritable and with the removal of crush blows we need defense in a fewer number of gear slots than currently and that the others slots could be used for either more tank gear (str and sta), more spell dmg gear (for threat and off heals), more avoidance gear (if it exists), pure warrior dps gear for dmg and threat, or some crazy mix.

    We need some way to evaluate all this gear to determine when one stat overtakes another. Also these values all seem very dependent on the talent builds.

    This will have to be a mix of Attack Power, Spell Damage, and Stamina, Strength, Weapon DPS, talent choices etc...

    Has it been modelled out where the threat output from a 5/56/10 build versus 5/53/13 versus a 5/43/23 or some other variation would be in comparison to each other and when one is best? I am looking at this from a MT stand point and realize that a OT, DPS (PVE), or DPS (PvP) would look at this differently.

    I am great looking at the numbers once someone else derives them, but not so much in creating them from scratch. If this type of work has already been done then just point me in the right direction and thanks much.

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    I've played around with numbers a bit, but the only problem is, WotLK isn't finished. Numbers are always the last thing to be balanced. Come back 2-3 weeks before release and we might have a bit more information that'll actually be relevant.

    Basically, not finished, things'll change and I don't really feel like crunching the numbers every 2 days as something is changed.

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