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Thread: Hard call to make...

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    Hard call to make...

    Hello, guys, it's me again. I have another question that's probably easily answered..however...

    It's a question of gear, now.

    I have the Gauntlets of the Iron Maiden gemmed with stamina as well as the Tier 4 gloves, enchanted for stamina.

    Here are the Defensive stats with both pieces of gear on respectively.

    Gauntlets of the Iron Maiden
    15,844 HP
    17,162 Armor
    23.54% Dodge
    16.44% Parry
    28.87% Block

    Warbringer Handguards
    15,584 HP
    17,244 Armor
    24.33% Dodge
    17.79% Parry
    26.83% Block

    I can't decide to go for the stamina or the avoidance and it seems like the difference is minimal, but it seems like a big deal.

    Which route should I go? I can't decide.

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    get the tier 4 shoulders and the 2 piece bonus makes it for you its not that hot, but i like it

    At present I prefer your tier 4, you may loose 300hp from using them, but you also gain 0.8% dodge, 1.3% parry, armour etc

    Have you looked at the badge gloves?

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    I actually have 2/5 T4 in the head/shoulders combo.

    And I looked at the badge gloves, Hit/Parry/Stamina +2 sockets.

    T4 gloves offer no sockets, Stam/AGI/STR, Parry/Defense

    The Gauntlets offer stamina, 2 sockets, Shield Block Rating/Shield Block Value/Defense (unless I'm mistaken)

    The T4 gloves that I have are currently enchanted with 10 Stam armor patch, but I've been looking towards either Agility or +Threat; maybe even strength for just hitting harder altogether.

    The Gauntlets of the Iron Maiden are currently, also, enchanted with the 10 stam armor patch, 2 +12 Stam gems.

    And sure, with the badge gloves, I could raise my hit chance and gain a ton of stamina...hmm...

    I see now, I think. I'd lose some avoidance where defense/SB Rating & Value is concerned, but I'd be gaining more stamina than either pair of gloves could offer, even through gemming and enchants. And I would still gain the parry.

    But, if this is the case, then I need to go bust up Moroes and take his pocket watch from his cold, dead again fingers.

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