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Thread: Gearing for Teron

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    Gearing for Teron

    My guild is going to be attempting Teron for the first time tomorrow and I'm torn between which gear I feel will be most beneficial. It seems like he hit's fairly hard, but he also seems to be very much a dps race. As it is on other fights, in my threat gear I am only slightly (or not at all) threat capping our top dps'rs - my highest threat gear seems a good fit for those ... 2-4 characters. My damage handling gear does worse ... not terrible, but I can't dare our dps to try to pull off of me. My healers aren't perfect, but I feel that they are keeping up well. None of us are outgearing content - I still go squish on Az sometimes - but they are a very solid core and I'm often impressed.


    Survivability gear: 17.5k hp, 19.1k armor, 61.5% avoidance, 17 expertise, 82 hit, 334 bv
    Threat gear: 15.7k hp, 17.1k armor, 42.2% avoidance, 42 expertise, 148 hit, 579 bv

    I've got a couple mix's of the gear that I consider a ... "boss threat"
    1: 16.6k hp, 18.2k armor, 52.5% avoidance, 42 expertise, 141 hit, 420 bv
    2: 16.6k hp, 18.7k armor, 57.4% avoidance, 42 expertise, 125 hit, 334 bv

    I have collected enough stuff to kinda tweak these values more toward each aspect that I need. I recognize that just trying out the different combo's will be the best way to know ... but I'd like some other opinions before doing something dumb. How heavily would you weigh threat vs. surv on this encounter? How detrimental do you think it is to throttle those star players you have (both in general and on this fight)? Advice, suggestions and well-wishing welcome.
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    ive done the fight with both avoidance and threat gear and i would say use threat gear if your healers can keep you up. teron hits very hard at times and then others i would go for 20 seconds without getting hit. on 2 attempts in the past he litterly 2 shot me before healers could get into position, i think wws showed 34k damage in 2 seconds. that usually doenst happen tho, i believe it was an unlucky parry gib. for me the big determination of using aviodance versus threat gear is if i have enough rage with said gear. on most fights i use threat gear since the boss doenst hit me hard enough to keep rage high. on bosses like bloodboil, mother, illidan i use aviodance gear because they keep my rage goin pretty well.

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    Wear threat gear. Just make sure you have shield block up to avoid crushing blows while running in. Have healers put Earth Shield, PW:S, HoTs on you to make sure you don't go down in the first few seconds.

    Hit him with TC and Demo, then go to town. He can hit hard and will slip a crushing blow here and there, but for the most part your threat set provides enough survivability stats for the fight.

    The main challenge in this fight will always be handling the ghost debuff and constructs, and while it may seem like being more survivable could help you get by with a few healers out of comission due to getting the ghost debuff, you're better off just going for threat and burning him down sooner and dealing with fewer ghosts.
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