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Thread: Chest Advice

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    Chest Advice

    So, I currently have [item]Chestplate of Stoicism[/item] and [item]Glory of the Defender[/item], Stoicism gemmed with 15 stam. I generally use Stoicism for survival, Glory for threat(it hit caps me with my other threat gear). We often have a boomkin raiding with us though, so with the 3% hit from improved faerie fire, I usually end up wearing Stoicism for most stuff.

    Now, last night I picked up [item]Chestguard of the Warlord[/item], mainly since we had no disenchanter with us. I figured I might see if there was something I could do with it, but I don't wanna rush out and spend 45 badges on epic gems until I have more idea.

    Anybody have some suggestions on what I should do, or just ditch it and stick with what I have?

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    The chestgaurd of the warlord is a great balanced piece. The problem is, if you're already forsaking hit on your glory of the defender, you won't be in any different position with chestguard. Something to think about: if you're hitcapped w/o Glory the Chestplate's bv will be providing better threat than the former. Don't seriously bother with the chestguard unless you just wanna use it for something fun (3X hit gems so you can use other dps gear to be able to speed pull kara faster?).
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