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Thread: new t4 chest

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    new t4 chest

    OK, so assuming the GM comes through and I get my t4 chest token (which was mistakenly given to a Shammie /cry), I am wondering how to use the [item]Warbringer Chestguard[/item]. I have [item]Panzar'thar Breastplate[/item] with 3 +12 stam gems and the 150 health enchant. At this stage I would like to have one be my threat chest, and the other be my EH or avoidance chest for boss fights. The gem slots and stats on the t4 look pretty good for the threat, and I could keep the Panzar gemmed pure stamina.

    My avoidance is very strong for our progression, I am learning ZA and starting SSC. Here is my armory link fyi.

    Appreciate any advice on how to use these 2 chests and how to gem them accordingly. Going to pick up the badge legs (8 more badges yay!), then fists, then chest, so it will be a while before my next chest upgrade.

    Oh btw tonight I got to MT Mags for the first time for my title run one-shot, and rolled a 100 for the chest token. Sorry for the /gloat.

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    That's a good idea, I used my t4 chest as a threat piece with 3 +8 hit gems in it for awhile. It'll serve you well.
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