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Thread: Improving MT (with WWS)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazeyonoma View Post
    Even on prince when he didn't have salve he only put out 471 tps.
    He had WF tho, and fear ward

    Still no MD from hunter on that wws either

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    That TPS report doesn't include salvation in the calculation so his TPS was 421. (And even if you did have savlation, then 421/.7 = 601 TPS not 700.) With all of the "misses" he has, I'd expect his TPS to be 500-550 or so with heroic strike and a fining tuning of his rotation which so-so not terrible -- he did actually use revenge and shield slam. I'd be really surprised to see him get to 700-800 tps with low hit and expertise and given the gear he currently has. Nightbane isn't a fight that I would examine his TPS on though given the air phase. Prince is probably a better one to examine and he did 477 since its a straight up tank and spank. No matter what his TPS was good enough for his group to one-shot prince.

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    The TPS was good enough to 1 shot prince but that is only because we have overgeared and experienced dps and healers in the group, and we all had salv on.

    If he had salv on for tanking one of the fights, then that is obviously a mistake by the pally (he hasnt played in a while only just getting back into it) and by us that we didn't pick it up.

    Yeah the hunter didn't MD a lot (something I will talk to him about) but even without MD's you should be able to do better than what is posted.

    From what Kaz posted I can easily see what is wrong with his rotation - a simple lack of correct skill usage. Bringing this up with him may be difficult (i think he is only 16) but I will try do it tactfully as it will help the whole group.

    And Madocks as far as I am aware the tank group had myself and the shammy dropping wf in there, and wf was down for almost all of the fights. The only time it wasn't used was for the NB fights.

    I did get him to change his spec, so at least that looks a lot better now. Now to teach him the correct rotation to use - any good ideas on how to bring this up?

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    I'd probably start with chatting to him about "fighting" the global cooldown. He wants to get his revenge/ss/dev usage up so every gcd is being spent. Perhaps, if the healers can cope, get him to drop commanding/battle shout, demo shout, thunderclap, and get him to just watch the gcd for ss,rev,dev. Make sure he's got some sort of cd monitor, even if just a "clock-hands" over his skills. To a large extent he can fine tune his rotation later: SS when available if not devastate/revenge is probably good enough to start with. Apply it to bosses where he doesnt have to move: Curator, Maiden, Prince (if you just heal through melee infernals).

    He might also need explaining about how important it is for dps to be able to have some space to play with in terms of agro, he may think cos none of the dps overtake him on omen that he's doing fine. He, himself might not see an improvement, but watch Omen and if it looks better, make sure one or two (dont overdo it) of the dps whisper him to say "that was great I could do so much more dps, dont know what you were doing but do it next time too" -- encouragement is an incredible motivator.
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