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Thread: Paladin Tanking Gear - Update - Am I Prepared?

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    Paladin Tanking Gear - Update - Am I Prepared?

    Hello Again Everybody,

    Well it's been a little time now since I last posted on help for my Paladin and her tanking gear. And over the last week I have been working my little Paladin butt off to get the gear listed in the Paladin Starters thread. And I am there, at least I think. Now there are somethings I am missing, for example the gloves, I am using the Shat Rep ones, which are as good I think.

    And I managed to pick up that epic ring from a guild mate for a very reduced price which helped. And now with my Holy Shield up I am sitting with 104.79% Avoidance. Which leads me to the question, do I still pick up the Libram of Repentance, or should I now be looking at getting the Libram of Divine Purpose, to help up my threat with Righteousness.

    I was main tanking Maiden and Curator last night in Kara, and did off tanking the night before. The reason I didn't main tank the previous night as I am new to the pulls and everything, so I figured would be best for the group to allow the experienced tank to pull so I could learn how all of the pulls work out. We never did down Curator, but it wasn't because I couldn;t handle the damage but rather the DPS was a little lacking on the flares. But I would be the first to admit that I could always be geared better, but I am at least geared better then a week ago.

    So my question would be, if I can tank on Maiden and Curator... would I be able to start working on Heroics... most likely the easiest to start of course. Also, what would be the best one to start with, Ramps and move from there, I keep hearing conflicting things on what I should start with.

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    Thanks So Much Everyone! You Have Been So Much Help! <3

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    I don't play a paladin, but I'm pretty sure your defensive stats are fine for heroics - at least they would be if you were a warrior. The only issues you might run into this late in the game would be holding aggro over DPS that outgears you, or running with a healer who's used to excessively easy healing with a tank in full epics. But as long as you can find people who can work with your gear level, there's no question that you should be able to handle most heroics.

    I must say that the fact that you went through the trouble of properly enchanting and gemming everything shows you have the dedication to do things right, which makes me rather confident that you'll do just fine.

    As far as where to start, opinions tend to vary. In my mind the easier ones would be (in no particular order):

    - Auchenai Crypts
    - Mana Tombs
    - Hellfire Ramparts
    - Blood Furnace
    - Slave Pens
    - Mechanar

    Ideally you should focus on instances you have tanked a few times in normal mode since you'll already be familiar with the pulls and boss strategies.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you very much for your reply, it has helped a lot. And ya, I am the first to admit that this is my first level 70, and that for the most part I really didn't run a lot of instances when leveling, but I do make sure that I read up on every single boss fight that I don't go in completely unprepared. Although since I have started gearing of course I have run many instances a lot more although more of the higher level ones. But it might hurt me in the long run not doing a lot of instances when leveling, but that just means people might have to be a little more lenient on how everything happens. I try and mainly run with my guild so if I do happen to screw up... they aren't nearly so pissed with me.

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    Yes, your gear is perfectly adequate to start heroics. Get in there and start collecting badges. Armstrong makes a good point about strong DPS probably being a bit of a problem threat-wise - if you explain you're gearing up, though, and have sensitive DPSers, you should be fine. I would recommend investing in some wizard oil.

    Slave Pens and Mechanar should cause you no huge problems - I'd probably go to SP first, just as the gauntlet at the end of Mechanar can be a little fun to handle. Ramparts is another fairly easy one. I would recommend keeping clear of Blood Furnace or Shattered Halls at first, as the burst potential of some of those mobs is a bit high.

    Good luck and have fun
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