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Thread: FR Gear for illdian

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    FR Gear for illdian

    So my GM told me to get 350 FR with a pally aura. 490 defense. and stack stam for illidian. I have a ton of random FR gear and i can get self buffed of over 400.

    I have all the badge gear
    FR neck from SMV
    Ring from Mag (champ of narru quest)
    Flamebane helm
    Flamebane bracer's
    24 Green FR cape with 15 FR enchant
    then 2 random blues

    I think i can get 490 defense if i stack defense gems and stack defense enchants but my HP would be a bit low

    Does anyone have any recommendations on the perfect FR set for illdian internals? Thanks

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    heres my FR kit;

    I use the badge kit = 165 fr (20 enchant)
    Flamebane helm = 40 fr (20 enchant)

    Total = 245

    I then stack on the neck @ 24
    I use my old karazan shoulders with 2 x 4 res gems and a 7 res enchant = 15
    I use my old karazan boots with 2 x 4 res gems = 8

    Total = 287

    To hit the 490 def cap I use 2 x defence trinkets, 2 x defence rings, def cape with def enchant, chest def enchant - the rest is my normal kit

    Total stats = 493 def, 14k hp unbuffed

    P.s im sure others have better plans than me, just offering my kit
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    Notlob its a palindrome
    The flames are level ?? which means 3 levels higher.

    So you need 365 resistance 364 will be a increase in damage as the resistance levels are based on 5 (365/5 = 73) so you have 73 levels of resistance and the final one puts you at the maximum reduction for the damage type you are resisting. In theory its only a 1.1% increase from 360-365 but being able to say your resistance capped makes it less easier to blame the tank (and you will mess up alot be prepaired!)

    so you want 295 unbuffed fire resistance and i will say cap fire resistance over defense it seems to make a big difference.

    For getting crit immune the best thing you can do is grind the season 2 shield! with that 31 resilience you only need 471 defense. Else you can go the defense route but resilience is alot easier to stack allowing some space for other stats but id favour the defense route because of the avoidance gained but s2 shield is definately a good bet.

    Also consider resilience enchants, 15 resilience on chest for instance. But if you can use defense do it since you can avoid flame melee attacks!

    Cap FR> Crit immunity>stam>avoidance>threatstats is what seems to work.
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    Resist damage increases linearly per point, not per 5. What you're implying is that being at 360 resistance and adding a void sphere (to get you to 364) will have no effect. This is wrong, each point of resistance helps.

    However, because the damage decrease is linear, that means that time-to-live increases exponentially, so going from 364-365 increases your survivability more than going from 0-1 does (and even from 363-364), so it's worth getting that last point.

    And I agree with the above poster that says that resilience is a great way to cheat the defense cap.

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    Put the Glyph of the Gladiator from the Shattered Sun Offensive on the Flamebane helm for +20 resil and consider using +8 resil gems in it also. Grab the S2 shield for another +31 resil and your defense goal is much lower. Put the +Def enchants on your Silkk's Cloak and on your FR badge chest piece.

    Also, don't forget to try Fire Resist Kits on your boots and gloves. They come from a leatherworking kit. That's another +16 FR there.

    There's a /script command that will calculate whether your Defense and Resilience stacked up makes you uncrittable against a lvl 73 boss, but I don't know where I can find it again.

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    Check out Tankingtips

    My FR kit is:

    Inferno Set: Badges = 200 FR (Def enchant on the chest stamina on the rest)

    [item]Amulet of the Torn-heart[/item] from a quest line in Shadowmoon

    [item]Phoenix-fire Band[/item] from the champion of naruu quest

    [item]Flamebane Bracers[/item] with a sta/def gem and a def enchant

    And for the last points i use the good old [item]Onyxia Blood Talisman[/item]

    This sums up to a solid 293 FR +70 from aura = 363 That proved sufficient enough for us and it leaves a lot of slots open for other useful stats like defense capping

    Another tip is to get the [item]Battleworn Tuskguard[/item] or [item]Tankatronic Goggles[/item](if you're an engineer) for the massive defense and stamina boost on it and maybe enchant it with the shattered sun offensive enchant

    Good luck with the kill

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    i use:

    [item]Battleworn Tuskguard[/item] with the + 20 FR
    [item]Amulet of the Torn-heart[/item]
    [item]Onslaught Shoulderguards[/item] 2 x +15 stam and standard aldor enchant
    [item]Slikk's Cloak of Placation[/item] with +15 FR
    [item]Inferno Tempered Chestguard[/item] with +15 def
    [item]Eternium Shell Bracers[/item] +12 stam
    [item]Inferno Tempered Gauntlets[/item] +8 FR
    [item]Girdle of the Fearless[/item] +15 stam
    [item]Inferno Tempered Leggings[/item] +40 stam
    [item]Inferno Tempered Boots[/item] Boars speed
    [item]Band of the Abyssal Lord[/item]
    [item]Phoenix-fire Band[/item]
    [item]Shadowmoon Insignia[/item]
    [item]Scarab of Displacement[/item]
    [item]The Unbreakable Will[/item] with goose
    [item]Kaz'rogal's Hardened Heart[/item] +18 stam and +5 def +7 stam (no illdan shield yet )
    [item]Rifle of the Stoic Guardian[/item]

    297 FR, def capped with 1 point in anticipation (i think not sure atm), 15.6k hp.

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    you only need 290 unbuffed with 490 def. as long as you're over 300 fr with buff you should be okay. really you shouldn't take much fr dmg, except the blast then move back and you shouldn't take any fire tick dmg. go avoidance and you should be okay, rifle of stoic guard, eternium bracers, pocket watch. i usually have about 15k unbuffed in fr.

    gear is flame bane helm with def gems and def/dodge chant
    green fr neck from ah with good stam
    t5 shoulders with def gems and exalted aldor chant
    gilded thorium cloak with 12 def from illhoof
    sherman great ring for def
    abyssal lord or violet signet will work for def also
    badge FR gear chest with def chant, boots and gloves with fr kit,
    i also had a gm restore my ony blood talisman for fr and def, i cheated a little.
    if you can use the sword from hyjal it's nice for def boost also

    anyways GL!
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