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Thread: Looking for trinkets

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    Looking for trinkets

    Currently, My warrior tank is using two blues. that handy Regal Protectorate you get so early on in Outlands and Dabri's Enigma (The World of Warcraft Armory). This trinket is one not too many people seem to know about... I'm always being asked how I got it.

    However, these each have their pros and cons. they both give a good amount of D rating, and Dabiri's is certainly still usable in ZA and Kara, but the Regal Protectorate is... lacking in usefulness. at this point, gaining back less than an 18th of my health when fully buffed and ready to enter battle is not too helpful.

    I can afford to lose it, I believe, but what for? Plz help.
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    Moroes Pocket Watch (Kara) or the Commendation of Kael (Heroic MGT) would be your best bets for replacements, if you are an engineer you can make the +45 stam trinket (I see the goggles, so I'm assuming you are ;p) -- the rocket launcher is pretty fun to pull with, heh.

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    the rocket is Goblin, yeah? Oh, and I am currently trying to get the Commendation of Kael'Thas.
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