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Thread: Which t6 to get?

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    Which t6 to get?

    So i'v been looking at some of the tanks on my servers in the top guilds and it seems alot of them dont get much t6. I was wondering which 4 pieces of t6 should i get and which should i leave to t6 equals. I know the helm from illidian is better than t6 but thats about it. Thanks

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    imo their order of value is:

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    It depends on if you are talking about just BT/Hyjal or including the Sunwell pieces.

    Before SWP the piece of t6 I didn't use was the gloves. Gauntlets of enforcement are much better for threat and you don't really need all that high avoidance for BT.

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    Which T6?

    Same question here, Which T6

    I just recently upgraded my T5 shoulders for T6. I already have the Teron gloves and I have both the badge chest and pants. I'm still using my T5 helm though. I'm wondering which T6 piece should I pick up next? My helm?

    I choose helm because I would rarely use the gloves. The badge pants are better somewhat and so is the Badge chest; probably not for EH though.

    I'm in a predicament. Just got our Mother kill last night, going to try Council tonight.

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    Hey Odaeus,

    I was in your exact same situation just a very short time ago and basically here is what i ended up looking at. The shoulders are absolute upgrades and should definately be held on to without a doubt. The Chest and Legs have good badge sidegrades and the helm and gloves have absolute upgrades that can drop. The real hard part is figuring out which pieces are best for the sets you already have, and which ones will make vital sets in the future.

    I have to say that while the 4set bonus looks juicey on paper, it isnt that huge of an upgrade because it is increasing the damage of an ability that you only use once every 6 seconds. Compare this with the metagem to the helm and it doesnt hold nearly as much value (simple due to the meta actually affecting how much you block for, while giving you the same type of damage increase). This brings me to the first piece you should look at seriously. The helm off of archimonde while it isnt the one from illidan, has the metagem slot AND the increased avoidance. This will also allow you to wear your shoulders and teron gloves while maintaining your 2 set bonus. Even though i personally hate our 2set, i cannot help but notice how many times i have dropped to 70 health with commanding shout on and been like "Wow... that was close", and then end up getting a kill for that attempt.

    I would say that you should definately get the helm next if its on the table. It provides a solid upgrade over T5 while maintaining the metagem and the set bonus and letting you drop your T6 gloves. If its easy for you to be able to get then go ahead and push for the legs/chest as the next peices that way you can wear those gauntlets of enforcement as often as possible. Personally for me, i prefer the badge legs over T6 any day simply because of the health and expertise that i get from them. This meant that i have passed on all T6 legs until my healers are set and that i am pushing for the first T6 chest off illidan. It might mean i have to go back to my T6 gloves for a set bonus, but it also opens up alot of gear options i didnt have in the past (expertise set/avoidance set/mitigation set/T6 set/quirky combo of all???).

    In the end dont look at the 4set as being God of all things. Its very nice to have and the T6 pieces are all worthwhile in their own right, but you have to decide where the flex in your gear really comes in.

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    The t6 helm sucks. It really does. You want to get the helm off of Illidan. You want the gloves off of Teron. You want the boots off of Akama. I'd stick with the Sunguard Legplates. You want the waist off of Gurtogg or the Girdle of the Fearless. You want the Eternium Shell bracers for EH and the Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx for threat. The two t6 pieces you want is the chest and shoulders. The t6 legs aren't that bad either, and are on par with the Sunguard. Pick them up if you don't need the expertise from Sunguard. This is all assuming you don't have access to SWP of course.

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