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    WotLK PvP

    This is one of our final articles regarding upcoming Wrath of the Lich King changes. Bloodwraith covers how PVP is forming with the new expansion, with emphasis on new Arenas and specific Warrior changes. MMO-Champion is the source for many of the included images.

    WotLK PvP
    With WotLK PvP there are a lot of interesting new features for PvP.

    Before I go into new warrior talents and changes I'd like to talk about some of those new features.
    Siege Weapons
    Siege weapons will be player-controlled vehicles for use in PvP combat. Each are used for a specific task. Some can carry passengers, including a driver and sometimes gunners who control individual turrets on the vehicle. These are planned for the use in Sands of Ulderan and Lake Wintergrasp. Destructible buildings will play a key part in combat.
    Sands of Ulderan
    New battleground. One faction will be on ships coming in from the sea to attack a keep that is defended by the opposite faction. Siege weapons will be used throughout the battleground by both sides. Each team progresses via controlling capture points on each tier. Some capture points allow access to different types of siege weaponry.

    Seems like a lot more fun than what we have now.


    Lake Wintergrasp
    WoW's first open-world (non-instanced) zone solely devoted to PvP. According to a fixed schedule, one Faction will always be defending the main Keep from the opposing Faction. The zone's other buildings are neutral and up for grabs to either Faction, giving varying bonuses when captured. Siege weaponry will play a large part in this zone, as all of its buildings and landmarks are destructible. A variety of new daily quests will involve action in and around Wintergrasp, including new styles of aerial combat and mounted NPC escort quests that make use of the new multi-passenger mounts.


    Expansion PvP gear will be different in appearance from PvE gear.
    Finally, this was long overdue.

    2 New Arenas

    New Features:
    "Movable" objects. Structures and obstacles that provide changing line of sight (LOS) across the battlefield every few seconds. (For example: pillars might go up and down randomly, on a timer, etc.) These dynamic elements will make each arena feel different.
    Dalaran Sewers
    The arena is fairly small and mounts won't be allowed here.

    The arena will make use of new variable environmental elements, mainly water:
    • Each team will start in a pipe on one side of the map, as the match begins a column of water will "push" the teams out of their pipes to prevent camping.
    • Water levels will rise and fall around the edges of the arena throughout the match.
    • There is a pipe coming from the ceiling. Every once in a while a column of water will start dropping from this pipe, causing variable LOS issues.

    Orgrimmar Arena
    The arena will make use of new variable environmental elements, including:
    • Elevating pillars that move on set timers, creating variable LOS issues around which groups can plan new strategies. There will be wheels and gears on the side of the arena that will spin to alert groups that the pillars are about to move.
    • Triggered objects that damage players. Example: as the pillars go down, a wall of spikes may come up. You can move across them, but you'll take some damage.
    • The arena will make use of a new style of elevating starting area.
    • Starting areas are extremely close together. Players start on elevators that rise out of the ground ten yards apart from each other.
    • The elevators will be surrounded by spikes that will drop a couple of seconds after the elevator reaches the top, so you'll have only a couple of seconds to plan.
    • The arena is a larger map. Mounts will be allowed inside.
    • Developers have mentioned the possibility of cheering NPC spectators.

    • Deathwish and Sweeping Strikes got switched back, but most warriors will still be going that deep in both trees so it doesn't really make a difference.
    • If you havn't noticed, deathwish lost it's "Immune to Fear" ability. Kazeyonoma basically summed up the effects of this.
    Currently in the game, there is only 1 cc that doesn't break on damage, lasts more than 5 seconds, and allows damage to go through, and that's fear. Currently anyone who isn't a warrior knows the power of fears. A couple of fears back to back and trinkets being down is death to any healer. In PvP it is easily the most powerful cc due to the above mentioned things. All other forms of cc have a major drawback to them, mainly that damage breaks them, but nothing stops fear from taking a player from 80% to 25% in 1 untrinketed fear. Warriors have been able to deal with this better than others due to deathwish, but now that it doesn't break fear, anytime we're caught out of zerker stance, or 20 seconds out of every 30 second rotation, we'll be fearable. I see this as a huge nerf to warriors. We're one of the few classes who are able to stick to warlocks in pvp due to our numerous fear breaks. This will put them back at the level they were in pre-bc and early tbc.
    • Hamstring now only has one rank and no longer causes damage. A lot of warriors are complaining about this, now they don't have a low rage/instant attack to drop totems. They did the same to Pummel, although I don't think many warriors would use pummel on a totem. Kazeyonoma also pointed out that without damage, these abilities can no longer proc your mace/sword spec proc. It also means you can't proc flurry or your executioner. I think we've seen the death of "spamsting".
    • Iron Will (Arms) now has only 3 ranks, reducing the duration of Stun and Charm effects by 10/20/30%. I think this is a good change, this means instead of resisting the stun, you will eat it (second wind will proc) but it will be shorter. Kazeyonoma pointed out the only problem with this change to me: since it's points are reduced, the 2 extra points are going to be forced to be put in a less than desireable talent to reach the next tier in your talents. But 2 free talents are still nice, we won't be complaining.
    • Mace Specialization (Arms) can no longer trigger more than once per 6 seconds. Sword Specialization (Arms) can no longer trigger more than once per 6 seconds. No more gibbing someone with 2-3 stuns in a row. As usual any change to weapon spec gets everyone saying "ANOTHER NERF OMG" but really, rarely ever will a weapon spec proc back to back.
    • Overpower now only has one rank and no longer causes any bonus damage (i.e. weapon damage only). Overpower right now is weapon damage+35 so this isn't really much of a damage change.
    • Poleaxe Specialization (Arms) now also increases critical strike damage done by Axes and Polearms by 1/2/3/4/5%. A very interesting change, this might make it a weapon spec that can actually be considered at 80.
    • Spell Reflection- Now costs 15 rage. Very nice. When you're getting attacked 5 rage won't be hard to come by, so skipping out on tactical mastery, and still being able to almost instant spell reflect will help a lot.
    • Improved Rend has been changed to Bloodletting. 25/50/75% according to how many points you invest in it. Rend is basically never used now, we'll have to see if this becomes very popular.
    • Pummel and Shield Bash have been removed from the GCD. This is a very nice change, I don't think any warriors will be complaining about this.
    New Abilities
    • Bloodbath- To me this just sounds like an AoE Rend, I havn't seen any testing though so until then I can't exactly say it's worthless.
    • Shield Break- This seems like it will be nice to use against pally's / Shamans in arena, between this and sunder armor you would have a ton of armor pen.
    • Sudden Death- 10/20/30% according to how many points you invest into it. At first this sounds awesome. After you think about it you'll come to realize, if you are rage starved now, think about when you are allowed to drain what little rage you have on one attack. In my opinion you won't be able to keep MS/Hamstring/Sunders up in arenas if you blow all of you rage away. A lot of warriors are calling for a fix so that this only uses the minimum amount of rage for your executes.
    • Trauma- 15/30% according to how many points you invest in it. This is linked to blood frenzy. Not really sure about this one, I guess blizzard just wants us to become bleed machines. Could prove useful but I havn't seen any testing on it yet.
    • Unrelenting Assault- 1/2/3 seconds according to how many points you invest in it. Lolwut Revenge? This probably won't be worth 3 points just for a slightly smaller overpower CD.
    • Bull Rush- 0.4/0.7/1 seconds according to how many points tou invest in it.. This is a nice talent, although it's deeper than most arms warriors will go due the bladestorm as a 51 point talent. (I will cover this shortly)
    • Strength of Arms- 1/2/3/4/5% according to how many points you invest in it.. This is so deep in the tree and so worthless than most warrior's probably won't be taking it. Healthwise warriors aren't lacking in most cases. 5% more strength: Let's say you have 800 strength in the exapansion, you would gain only 40 strength(80 AP) from this for 5 points. Paladins are getting Divine strength (15% increased strength) and it's in the first tier of protection.
    • Bladestorm- As a 51 point talent this is not going to be worth it. Basically it's the new expansion version of what endless rage is now. (Reachable but not really worth it) Some are going as far as saying this should proc second wind because it's like CC-ing yourself.
    1. It does not break CC ( IE poly cyclone)
    2. You gain No rage during the whirling period.
    3. You can't Reapply MS.
    4. You can't reapply Hamstring.
    5. You can be disarmed while whirling around
    6. You give up all essential pvp tools for it. (IE you lose Deathwish, and weapon mastery(which also means you lose weapon Enchant on your 2h because you all want to be disarmed for 10 seconds while whirling around for 4.5?)

    • MS/BT Build- You can now get both MS and BT in the same build, there is just one catch. They are on the same CD. For PvP, going that deep in fury is not going to be worth it.
    Speculative Talent Builds
    The most popular builds right now are 35/23/3 (Tactical Mastery) and 33/28/0 (Flurry)

    Next expansion brings a lot of variation to spec options.

    Must-have talents no matter what variation:
    3/3 Iron Will
    2/2 Improved Overpower
    1/1 Anger Management
    3/3 Deep Wounds
    2/2 Impale
    1/1 Sweeping Strikes
    5/5 Weapon Specialization
    2/2 Improved Intercept
    2/2 Second Wind
    1/1 Mortal Strike
    5/5 Cruelty
    5/5 Booming Voice
    1/1 Piercing Howl
    4/5 Commanding Presence
    5/5 Enrage
    2/2 Improved Execute
    1/1 Death Wish
    2/2 Weapon Mastery
    After that it's up to what is discovered through testing.

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft WotLK
    WotLK Links
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    Reposted so it will work with the news

    Any more info/suggestions are welcome.


    Added Serienna's warrior report to the list of links.
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    I'll be moving this either mid-Monday or early Tuesday. I'll get corb's towards the weekend. That should close off our set articles.

    Thanks, everyone! Thanks for reposting this, Blood.

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    This would probably be my spec with the current changes not really different from the 35/23/3 spec the changes in arms kinda messes up the build somewhat since Ironwill is only 3 points now and its debatable if I want 2 points in imp heroic or bloodletting (though I never use rend at all even for rogues lol)

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    10 more points into fury grabbing precision, 5/5 flurry (I don't know why?) imp execute could be switched for imp slam but that depends on playstyle.

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    Nice post, I must say I really appreciate Serennias effort as well.
    He brings alot of valid points and suggestions to the table in a good way, and with a resumé like his blizzard is bound to notice.

    I especially like the call for berserker stane changes, long past due by now.

    Also, I would love to see new spells in the same quality as intervene, spell reflect and cs, but for the love of god, I don't think I can fit much more spells on my keyboard!

    That has to be made a concern, sure wotlk briings 3 more well most people will make room, then you spec for one of the 51pt talents and recieve a 4th>< will start to hurt. To me, if they'd change the heroic leap to have one of those targeting crosses on the ground, it would become unusable since I do all my moving with the mouse only.

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