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Thread: Badge Upgrade Advice

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    Badge Upgrade Advice

    Nearing 100 badges and wondering which of my upgrades to do first.

    Right now I have 44 expertise rating from the bracers and brooch.

    I'm considering whether to upgrade my legs or chest first.

    legs I have T5.
    Chest I have T4 and Bulwark of (Ancient) Kings.

    Situation--its doubtful my guild will go for T5 chest boss and is pushing on for Hyjal. I have 3 piece T5 so removing one won't break the set bonus.

    If I understand correctly, 44 expertise is "capped" (correct me if I am wrong). right now I am also a bit low on stamina with 15000k unbuffed in stam gear and 14.5 in avoidance gear. Our dps tends to be pretty good and can catch us on some fights (espcieally cause they don't pay attention to meters and our let the tank grab aggro--), so if getting the legs would increase threat gain, I'd be all for it. However, my chest is the weakest piece of my gear and the badge gear is a very big upgrade.

    Any thoughts on what to do first?
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    You're way off with expertise. If you only have bracers and brooch, you have 44 RATING, not 44 EXPERTISE.

    You only have 17 expertise if you have those two items. The soft-cap is 26, which should be high priority for you to hit. After that, it's equal to hit rating, and you need 57 expertise rating to be capped.

    Personally, since you have Bulwark of Kings, I'd upgrade that to Bulwark of the Ancient Kings, and spend your badges on something else (legs are good, if you don't have the belt that's probably the best badge purchase for a tank). BoaK with 3 stamina gems gives a ton of armor and hp, as well as being a great threat piece.

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    Ahh very good, thanks for the correction. That makes things clearer. And i slightly mispoke, i do have the bulwakr of the ancient kings (final BS armor piece) which as you say, has similar health and armor to the Stoicism, with some nice aggro stats versus avoidance. I do get a lot of funny looks for having it, but since i tend to hold my own tanking, my group is coming around.

    Belt-wise--Leo is on farm and i was expecting the belt to drop in the near future, which is why i'm prioritizing the legs and chest over the belt.

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    even leo's belt takes a back burner to the badge belt. EH and Threat it is king, Leo's belt is more of an avoidance piece.

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    Well I was recently in the same postion and my solution was stam gem the BS chest get belt first then legs second. This decision motivated me to go for every kara, za and heroic I could, letting me pick up all the new tanking badges pieces. I did get leo's belt for my avoidance set though and the original badge legs for my BV set. In hyjal I run my threat gear for trash have the rogues distract boss hit outfitter and go EH for the bosses using the badge legs, chest and belt. As for T5 I only use the gloves and shoulders.

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