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Thread: Problem making the decision...

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    Problem making the decision...

    I am currently trying to decide whether I want to wear the gear (in my "overall" tanking set) that I am receiving out of BT/Hyjal or wear the badge gear and ZA pieces that seem to be better in some situations.

    For some strange reason I have this idea that my block % is too low while wearing all of the heavy avoidance gear that I am getting. I logged out in the gear I speak of and it should be in my armory.

    EDIT: Add the Armory. The World of Warcraft Armory

    For the slots that I would be replacing I'd use the following:

    Pauldrons of Stone Resolve
    Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx
    Sunguard Leggings
    Girdle of the Fearless
    Jungle Stompers

    Using these pieces in substitution for the other pieces will give me about 24% dodge, 17% Parry, and 31% block. Am I giving too much credit to block %? How bout losing all of that expertise in order to use the T6 quality pieces? I know tanks killed everything up to Illidan without expertise.

    I am just lost when looking in my bags and seeing all this gear. Too many good qualities for it all. Help a lost man find his way to a complete gear set.

    NOTE*** I am talking in my general purpose tanking set.

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    I've found that my general tanking set is skewed in favor of threat pieces simply because most of what I'm tanking at this point(we're 2/5 4/9 in MH/BT) doesn't require much by way of survivability.

    From what you've listed, the definate pieces to wear in your general set are[item]Sunguard Legplates[/item] and [item]Jungle Stompers[/item]. [item]Girdle of the Fearless[/item] and [item]Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx[/item] are definate threat set pieces, and neither would be out of place in your general set. [item]Pauldrons of Stone Resolve[/item] can sit in your bank unless you're working on a passive uncrush set.

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    In your general purpose set, your block % is pretty much insignificant (at least until WotLK).

    You're going to be spamming shield block, which means you won't be crushed. So long as shield block is up, you'll block every attack that you don't avoid. If you're tanking multiple mobs, then maybe your block rating is more important; if you're tanking a mob that dual wields or hits faster than shield block does (ie, Morogrim Tidewalker), then your block rating is important. But those are special circumstances that you'd swap your gear around for, and thus doesn't affect what you'd wear in your "all-purpose set".

    Long story short: pretend your block value doesn't even exist for your all-purpose set. It doesn't matter if it's 15% or 40%, it won't affect your tanking any (unless you habitually forget to use shield block).

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