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Thread: Battlworn Tuskguard

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    Battlworn Tuskguard

    I just got got [item]Battleworn Tuskguard [/item] and i know its better than my [item]Warbringer Greathelm [/item], but wearing the tuskguard means I break my warrior T4 2 piece bonus, which is 200 damage less, (on a proc), add in the extra strenth and agi on my t4 helm, 5% stun ressitance and the face it looks way better , the decision to which is better for me is way harder.

    I dont get that much extra dodge on the tusk (think it went up by about 1%, maybe less) as my t4 helm had agi. SO which is better when u consider all that? I dont have t4 gloves and tbh , the t4 gloves are really underwhelming , rather wear my maiden gloves or save up for bonefist.

    My aromory ( ihave t4 shoulders adn head only)

    The World of Warcraft Armory
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    100armor, 13sta, 12block value, 0.28% more dodge/parry/miss from defense, and another .75% dodge from the dodge rating - agi.

    30ap, 5% stun resist, 2.4% block rating, and T4 2pc.

    The threat's better, the survivability's better (T4 2pc is trash when you have more dodge/parry/armor, it absorbs maybe 20dps overall). The only thing you're losing is 5% stun resist, which may make it worthwhile for you to swap in if you're in a fight that you'll be stunned in.

    Ultimately, though, you should be wearing the tuskguard most of the time, only swapping in for the T4 2pc and 5% stun resist against heavy stunning targets or fast-attackers (like prince and lynx).

    As for T4 gloves, they're great for avoidance, but maiden/bonefist are better in any other situation.

    End result: you don't just wear one set of gear for every fight in the game, or you're going to get your ass handed to you on a silver platter. Collect multiple pieces for each slot, and swap them based on the fight.

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    I just got [item]Battleworn Tuskguard[/item] myself. I'm planning on using my T4 helm as a threat helm with the [item]Eternal Earthstorm Diamond[/item] meta gem (also socketed with [item]enduring talasite[/item] to fulfill the meta requirements when I wear it).

    The Tuskguard is a huge EH upgrade, though. The T4 two piece, as stated, is a crap proc.

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